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4 Situations In Which an Employee Assistance Program Can Help

Employee assistance programs are designed to aid employers in providing support when a covered party is going through a difficult time. Considered to be a means of providing confidential support and with any eye toward helping the employee move through the issue, the right kind of Benecaid EAP benefits can help with a number of issues. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Marital Counselling

Problems within a marriage can impact every aspect of living. Whatever the nature of the discord, finding a healthy way to resolve the issue is in the best interests of all parties involved. While the employer may provide platforms like HSA accounts that help with many types of medical issues, marital counselling may or may not be among them. With an employee assistance program, the resources are there to offset the expenses of the counselling.

Substance Abuse

Addiction to prescription medications or other types of substances can occur before the individual realizes what’s happening. At that point, attempting to bring the addiction under control can be more difficult that the person can manage alone. With the presence of Benecaid EAP benefits, covering the expenses associated with a substance abuse program and the support needed once the addiction is under control is much easier. Best of all, the support helps the employee once again be a productive member of the team.

Financial Setbacks

Financial issues can develop without warning. A sudden illness or an accident can drain family savings and create a great deal of hardship. While funds in HSA accounts help, the day may come when those balances are also exhausted. With the support provided under an employee assistance program, it’s possible to weather those situations, and get life back on track.

Family Issues

Spousal issues are not the only type of difficulties that can disrupt the home. Ongoing issues with the children can also create a great deal of stress. An employee who is the primary caregiver to an aging parent may also be under a constant strain. There are times when help by means of Benecaid EAP benefits can supply the resources to effectively alleviate stress and hopefully restore the relationships within the home.

For example, the support could be in the form of helping allay expenses associated with hiring someone to look after the aging parent while the employee is at work. At other times, the program could provide counselling for a child, the family as a whole, or between a parent and child that are having difficulty communicating.

These are only a few of the ways an employee assistance program can make a difference. When couples with HSA accounts and other types of benefits, employers create a safety net that can help an employee deal with just about any type of life situation. Contact a benefits expert and learn more about this kind of program. What you learn could convince you that setting up this type of arrangement would be ideal for you and your employees.

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