Simple Tips for Your Bathroom Makeover

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Simple Tips For Your Bathroom Makeover

Although one of the most common ways to revitalize a specific space or room in your house is to redesign it to follow a specific theme or renovate in such a way that completely revamps the space or room’s aesthetic, we know that financially, it’s not the most important to thing to allocate for with all your household’s other expenses.

This is why we have come up with just a few simple tips such as deep cleaning your bathroom vanity or reorganizing storage spaces to refresh your bathroom’s current feels and aesthetic without having to completely change everything – minor tweaks here and there do the trick well enough.

a bathroom makeover

There are three factors you should consider when choosing “simple makeovers” would be the following:

Be Cost-Effective

Be as cost-effective as you can be, reuse, reduce, recycle maybe not just mother nature’s friend in this instance, but yours as well. Remember that don’t spend UNLESS you necessarily have to. Save bathroom expenses for big remodeling projects and prove to yourself that you can change it up every once and a while without hurting your pockets.

Do It Every Few Months

Focusing on not spending for it, changing it up every few months in simple ways allow for your bathroom to actually be cleaner and healthier for you and your family.

Changing the orientation of certain furniture and add-ons or simply doing a deep-cleaning session will do wonders in eliminating bacteria you didn’t know were lurking in your bathroom. Trust us, your health will thank you.

Think Out of the Box

While getting Inspirations for makeovers on the internet does help in making your bathroom as aesthetically pleasing as possible, most of the tips and tricks found on the internet comes with an underlying note: YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED TO SPEND A HELL LOT OF MONEY TO ACHIEVE THIS. With this, before going to the internet, try going into your bathroom and assessing by yourself or with your family how you can make it better before you search the internet. Note that a well designed bathroom will be much more of use to you and the family than an expensive one that doesn’t fit your personal needs. Think out of the box and get creative with what you have!

These three factors would help you greatly when keeping in mind the important factors that need to be considered when altering your bathroom in any way. It’ll help you make decisions inclined to functionality as well as aesthetics! So, we gave three factors to consider, now it’s time to apply these and give you a few tips and tricks to give your bathroom the budget makeover you didn’t know it needed this 2022.

Spend a Weekend Deep-Cleaning Your Bathroom

While we’re pretty confident you and your family spend a decent amount of time cleaning your bathroom/s on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (this is the recommended frequency of giving your zellige subway tile a good wash), believe us when we say deep cleaning will do wonders for your bathroom.

You can deep clean your bathroom by taking out industrial brushes or even just regular brushes with thick bristles and pulling on your garden hose up to over to your bathroom – line it with plastic of course so it won’t dirty up the indoors and use the pressure from the hose and a little soap to get out the built-up gunk between corners, spaces between the tiles and other tight spaces. 

As time pass, these small spaces build up dirt that permanently alters the color of your bathroom,  so a nice and thorough deep cleaning every now and then will leave your bathroom looking newer than you would ever have thought possible. Just remember that deep cleaning requires elbow grease and pressure so be prepared for it to be an afternoon workout and make sure to rest afterward.

Re-Orient Your Furniture

You might have a plant stand in a corner here or a hanging decoration in the corner there and it may be getting a little too familiar with you and your family. Take a step back and look at your bathroom in its entirety and you most often than not will be able to figure out more appropriate spaces to places all those trinkets. A simple re-orientation will give your family a fresh feeling.

While you did not add anything new when your brain becomes accustomed to a certain order of how things are, even just a little change gives the same effect of a full-blown remodel. We guarantee that once you re-orient some of your furniture, your family will figure out that there’s something different in the bathroom and give you the compliments and praise you deserve.

Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets by Person

It may seem inevitable that your bathroom cabinets are a mess. You think to yourself “it’s used daily so it’s bound to be a mess”. However, one of the reasons why it can be a mess that you might not be considering is because you clump together items that are alike instead of storing them according to who uses them.

For example, you might have a wall rack or a cup designated for everyone’s toothbrushes yes? And then another one with all the medicines, facial care, and the like? This is actually a surefire way of making your cabinet and sink the messiest they can be.

To make sure it stays orderly, make sure to place each household member’s items next to all of the other things they use. It would be beneficial to have just one basket for each household member to put all their bathroom cabinet and sink stuff in. Make it more fun by allowing them to design and partition it according to how they want.

Limiting the mess that each person can make to just their own baskets will significantly reduce the chaos that is your bathroom cabinet and sink mess making it more aesthetically pleasing both for your family and your visitors!

Alter the Lighting

Now, this may be one of the pricier tips we have for you in this article but it may be one with the most impact. A bathroom’s lighting actually determines the effect it has on those who use it – your household and other visitors. The ideal vibe that your bathroom should be giving off is comfortable and spacious. This is because being comfortable is the main priority for bathroom users as we go about our personal business; cleaning and relieving ourselves. Now, depending on the size and structure of your bathroom, certain lights will make it look dingy and uncomfortable.

When it comes to bathroom lights, yellow and dull red lightbulbs are a big no-no. Yellow lightbulbs are the main factor in making a bathroom look dingy and cramp because it doesn’t give your bathroom proper lighting, there will be a lot of dark spaces, nooks, and crannies that might make the bathroom users feel uncomfortable.

The dull red lightbulbs that bathroom decorators sometimes use, these kinds of lightbulbs actually make someone who comes into the bathroom feel sick and nauseous feel even worse. The color red when humans see it as they are not feeling well intensifies the unwellness. We must always consider that people also use the bathroom because they are unwell which is why we must always make the bathroom as visually comforting as it can be.

Now, what kind of lightbulb would be the best? A white lightbulb that is typically used in houses (not the ones used in commercial spaces – too bright) is the perfect lightbulb to be used in your bathrooms. It gives off the right kind of light, leaving no dark spaces, nooks, and crannies, giving the bathroom user adequate lighting to go about their business and not altering their moods or negative feelings whatsoever. As an added bonus, using a white lightbulb also makes your bathroom look cleaner than it actually is.

The Bottom Line

When giving your bathroom the makeover it deserves, one thing we always have to note is that a bathroom is not just used for leisure and is rarely used for entertainment. All houses include a bathroom or even several bathrooms to fulfill our biological needs. Taking all this into account, we must first address and make sure that your bathroom is designed to handle all our bathroom businesses and biological needs as well as make sure it is as comfortable as possible. After all this has been addressed, we can then go to making sure the aesthetic of the bathroom is pleasing to all of the members of your household as well as your visitors.

Use these simple tricks and tips to make sure everyone who uses your bathroom is at ease and make their lives and yours just a little bit easier on a day-by-day basis. Remember, while it is perfectly acceptable to regularly allocate a significant portion of your household budget to bathroom remodels – it is completely unnecessary to do it too often, especially when durability is one of the things most considered when buying and altering your bathroom during a remodeling session. To keep your bathroom looking fresh and up-to-date, spending a day or two of your week once every few months is more than enough to freshen up your bathroom!

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