Simple Space Saving Furniture

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Whether you are redecorating or looking for a way to give yourself more space while still having functional furniture, you may be looking at some space-saving furniture. If you have pets or children, you may need more open floor space or furniture that can be placed for storage out of reach of those pets or children. 

Getting your house organized can feel like the biggest job before you start, whether you want to have a clearout to make space or you just need to make things more organized because your children have started exploring what you currently have.

Simple Space Saving Furniture

Selves And Units

You may already know just how functional bookcases and storage units, such as a Kalax unit, can be; you will not be surprised that this is a recommendation for storage in your home. These types of units are versatile and can be adapted to fit the type of storage solution you need. 

You may use a small two-cube storage unit to go by your bed instead of a bedside table or a big 18-cube unit to store your children’s toys or clothes in their bedroom. This type of unit is probably one of the newest and most functional pieces of furniture for your home.

Another alternative is shelving, whether this is to get your favorite books off the bookcase and away from little hands or your pet’s teeth or feet. Shelves can be used for all sorts of different storage. 

You can even use shelves for your cats to give them somewhere to climb and hide safely. This means that if you have children and cats, you can give your cats an escape without risking them hiding somewhere you cannot get them out from. 

TV Unit

If we turn our attention to TV units and cabinets, there are, of course, big units that can house your TV and Blu-ray collection, but these often take up a lot of floor space. Floor space can be important if you only have a small living room but need storage. A floating shelf or cabinet could be your best option in these situations. 

The best floating cabinet will attach to the wall under your TV; if you mount your TV to the wall, you can have your unit as high off the ground as you like. This gives you not only floor space but space for more storage solutions if you need them, whether this is space to store toys for your children or your pet’s bed. Your floating cabinet would also give you storage. 


A simple storage solution for blankets, books, or children’s toys, most ottoman storage boxes will also function as a seat or footrest. Ottomans give you a storage solution while also giving you more seating for guests or for you to be able to relax after a busy day. 


Having space to store things and help make your house less cluttered could not be easier. Simply see what works best for your family and your space and what you prefer. Whether this is a floating cabinet or an ottoman, you can use it to rest your feet and store the blankets and pillows you want to be comfortable at night. Look online and see what works best for you.

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