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Simple Renovation and Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

A great deal of homeowners are now choosing to look for condos as a practical home solution. Condos also known as apartments are usually near places of interest, they are more manageable than a house, and more affordable especially if you wish to live right in the city centre or close to university. 

However, the challenge for apartments is how you can decorate it to your comfort level. It is not just the building restrictions on renovations, but also the amount of space you have to work with. But just like what any designer will tell you: the size does not matter, it is the design choices you make that will. 

So to help you set your condo unit apart, here are some design renovation and decorating ideas you can consider. 

Fixtures and natural light 

For a small space, one of the best ways to make it seem bigger is light. It just brings a little life and openness in a space, and you can do this in two ways. 

One is changing your existing light fixtures. For aesthetic purposes, choose track lighting or pendant lighting. It doesn’t take a lot of space, plus it is bright enough to open up your space. 

 The second way you can do this is to invite in as much natural light as you can. You can do this by drawing open the blinds or the curtains in the morning and allowing the sun’s brightness to liven up the room until evening time comes. 

Neutral Paint Colours 

Neutral paint colours are not necessarily just black, grey, and white. It can be three shades of the same colour like teal, royal blue, and navy blue. You can then compliment these with grey and white just to break the colour pattern a bit. 

 Neutral colours makes the room look lighter, especially if you are pairing this with bright light fixtures. 

Flooring Options For An Apartment

As much as possible, try not to maintain a condo wide carpet. It’s not very hygienic and practical since you will have to regularly treat the carpet, possible only if you hire a professional carpet cleaner. Honestly, it is not exactly visually pleasing. Most condos install carpets to minimise noise, if you are not going to disturb your neighbours, you might as well remove it. 

 Instead, choose to mix and match tile, vinyl, and wood flooring. If you must use a carpet, isolate it to a small place in your condo like a carpet under the coffee table or any focal piece. 

Focal Item

A focal piece is either a furniture, fixture, or an accented wall that should catch the guest’s attention. The theme per room is based around this focal piece like Naddour’s ornamental iron. For the living room, you can choose a wall where with an intricately designed mantle, or maybe a coffee table. Other than these tips, just a small consideration before redecorating the condo. Especially if you are going to change the unit drastically, ask for permission if you can do them first. If you have not been briefed about making extreme change.