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Signs and Symptoms That Your Animal has a UTI

Are you worried about your pet having a Urinary Tract Infection? It is wise to put in some time and effort to learn about pet care, especially when it comes to common health threats for animals.

UTI can prove harmful for your cat/ dog, so it is important to have adequate knowledge of this disease in pets for a timely call-to-action. Here are four signs that will help you spot a UTI in your pet.

Signs and Symptoms That Your Animal has a UTI

Your Pet’s Thirsty

The most common symptom of UTI in your cat or dog is excessive thirst. Although it is hard to understand in the summer season and when your pet has a natural habit of drinking too much water, you can still spot it with some monitoring.

It is best to keep a check on the amount of water your pet is consuming every day and analyse any variations like sudden peaks or high concentrations. It could possibly be a portent for UTI, which you must address.

If you notice any such symptom, take your pet immediately to a vet for a UTI prevention drink or medication.

It Urinates Frequently

If your pet is experiencing frequent urination, it is highly likely he got a UTI. This is also reasonable because if the pet is taking too much water, then he will urinate more often which is a definite indication of a urinary tract infection.

The pattern could be anywhere from going out every 2-3 hours in a day and urinating for several minutes.

Signs and Symptoms That Your Animal has a UTI

Your Pet’s Experiencing Strain

Some cats and dogs may also experience straining in this infection. In such cases, the pet normally has difficulty urinating and will take time for release.

For some pets, it may be as hard as standing for quite some time trying to urinate or arching their back due to the pain. Some pets might even whine or cry as they try hard to flush the excretory fluids out of their system.

While a few may have a little amount of fluid released, others may experience no urine production at all.

There is Discharge in the Urine

Pet care requires diligence and effort. If the pet has blood or any other white discharge in its urine, then it is possibly due to a UTI. Most affected cats and dogs have this discharge due to straining and the infection.

Use a paper towel to spot any such matter in the excretory fluids and have your pet immediately inspected by a professional vet to avoid any complications.

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