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Shrek The Musical My Review

So yesterday we went to “Shrek The Musical” at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. I booked the tickets so we could go as a family while mum is visiting the UK.

The show was great. We had to sit at the back as I went in the wheelchair. It was a bit problematic as I was sharing the space with another disabled person…however her wheelchair was way bigger than usual so neither of us could fit in the space. As a result we kind of had to sit even further back and the view was not brilliant. 

Despite the viewing issues…. I enjoyed the show. My favourite part was when Shrek and Fiona realised they loved each other…..It wasn’t the typical love story but quite hilarious because Shrek Farted and then Fiona farted, then Shrek burped and Fiona burped. It was just really funny.

The others parts I liked were the singing and dancing, the Dragon and the rats dancing to the pied piper as he played the pipe. It was really quite cool.

We had popcorn and chocolate M&M’s and it was a fun outing. It was nice doing something different and special with Mum. Last time Mum and Dad came to England in 2013 we to the Lion King.

The one play I’d love to see most of all is Les Miserables. That would be really awesome especially listening to the music and songs. At the moment the show is in London and I don’t think I’d be well enough to get down maybe in a few years when things improve.

The only part of Shrek I really didn’t like was Lord Farquard. He was quite rude and suggestive at times which I didn’t think was really appropriate for children. Thank goodness Sylvia didn’t understand!

I heard that Mary Poppins is returning to the UK in 2016 for the first time in 8 years. My mum and sister saw that in New Zealand and told me it is awesome. I may save up and get tickets. I really do enjoy shows. it’s something I grew up doing as a child. I loved pantomimes and remember going to the Sooty and Sweep show when I was about 5.

After Shrek, Me Mum and Sylvia took a photo next to the big S.

I got out of the wheelchair as I really hate having my picture taken in it. Sylvia was tired and didn’t feel like smiling for the picture.

The show started at 7pm and it was almost midnight by the time we got home from Manchester. For that reason I would highly recommend in future that we  attend the afternoon show the 2pm show or sleep over in a hotel.

Angela xx