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Sylvia’s Shoppie Doll Collection From Shopkins

Shoppie Doll Characters And Names

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Today on the blog Sylvia would like to share her Shoppie dolls collection. Shoppies are a Shopkins spin-off doll line that was originally released in October 2015. These fun and cool shopkeepers each have unique personalities, and their shopkins can be unlocked on the Shopkins app with the codes from their VIP cards.

Shoppie Doll

So Sylvia got her first Shoppie Doll in 2016 and she has slowly built up a little collection. Shoppies Sylvia’s first Shoppie doll was Jessicake. She has blue and pink hair and she makes cupcakes in her shop.

Shoppie Doll

The next Shoppie doll is called Kristea and she has purple gloves and purple hair with a pink streak.

Shoppie Doll

Rainbow cake was a real bargain. We found her at a car boot sale and for only 50 pence compared to the usual £17 she sure was a bargain.

Shoppie Doll

This is DonaTina she is a Shoppie Doll that makes Donuts. DonaTina was also found at a car boot sale for 50p and is one of Sylva’s favourites.

Shoppie Doll

Gemma Stone is more expensive than the other Shoppie Dolls. She is an exclusive and rare doll that came out in November 2015. Being a Gemstone or one in a million Gemma Stone is a rare doll to have.

Shoppie Doll

Sylvia really enjoys playing with her Shoppie Dolls and they are often found hidden under her pillow or blanket in the morning. I think they get some extra play time when Sylvia is supposed to be asleep.

Shoppie Doll

So far we have 5 Shoppie Dolls. We may get another around Christmas this year. I wonder if they will have a new Shoppie doll come out? Who knows?

Angela x

Shoppie Doll


  1. What an adorable collection from shopkins. I miss having a little girl around who played with dolls, she’s a teen now and her doll playing involves creating new hair for her dolls using yarn – actually a cool technique. These shopkins are great for my niece though, have to share with my sis.

  2. I have one girl who’s not old enough for them yet. Outside of that, all my older kids are boys…they’re no fun when it comes to cute toys like this lol

  3. These dolls are so unique and cute as well. I am glad you were able to get two of them at a really good price! That’s awesome!

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