What Shoes to Wear With Maxi Dresses in the Summer

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Maxi dresses have long been considered essential summer wardrobe pieces; many women own at least one maxi dress! Versatile yet functional pieces like these allow wearers to style them in many different ways for any event or season.

Their lightweight yet easy wearability makes them an excellent fashion and lifestyle option during warmer temperatures when we need to remain as comfortable as possible. This makes them especially ideal for the summer season when temperatures increase further and we need extra comfort!

If you enjoy wearing maxi dresses, then you likely know that various kinds of footwear can pair nicely with it. But which types are ideal for summer wear? Many of us remain uncertain which will best complement our ensemble in this way. Footwear plays an essential part in creating stylish but comfy looks while making sure our outfit remains fashionable at all times.

Flat Sandals

Exquisite maxi dresses should hold a special spot in every woman’s wardrobe. When considering what shoes to wear with a maxi dress, especially during the summer, flat sandals can be regarded as one of the finest options. This type of footwear is able to provide wearers with a casual look, while also being able to enjoy comfort at the same time.

Flat sandals can come in a variety of designs and styles, thus giving wearers the opportunity to play around and try and find those that best complement the maxi dress being worn, while also being able to showcase their personality through them. It can be important to keep the design of the dress in mind when selecting which flat sandals to wear, as certain patterns and colors can have an impact on how certain items go together.


Summertime for many means it’s time to break out the wedges! These versatile footwear pieces can add a glamorous edge to a maxi dress by providing elegance and sophistication, not to mention building confidence due to the height they add. Wedges make great additions when worn alongside maxi dresses due to being both formal and casual–making them an excellent option to have when the sun comes out!


An alternative to wedges but with the same type of look, espadrilles are a hugely popular footwear option during the summer months, especially for women who are sporting a maxi dress. These items of footwear are comfortable when worn for periods of time, while they can also provide a casual look, which can be great when on holiday. Again, much like other forms of footwear available, there are various styles and designs available, with many able to complement the dress being worn perfectly.


Whoever says sneakers and a maxi dress should not be worn together is wrong. There is no doubt that these two clothing pieces definitely go together! With so many options available, a pair of trainers can make an outfit look extremely trendy and comfortable for the wearer. Sneakers will come in various designs and materials, with some more favorable to summery conditions than others. It can be worth looking at those with mesh material or have an open top, as these can let your feet breathe and not sweat profusely.


Among one of the most popular footwear options to go for when wearing a maxi dress are heels. Women can feel empowered when they put on a pair of high heels, as it helps them to add height to their outfit, thus making more of a statement and looking more elegant than they may already.

However, any type of heels in general can be worn, as each style can add an element of class to the overall outfit and elevate the maxi dress further. It is important to consider how they will look with the dress, though, as you may find certain styles do not quite mix as well as others.


Having come back into fashion in recent years, mules have become a stylish option for women looking to enhance an outfit throughout the summer months. These backless-heel-style shoes are perfect for women who just want to slip them on and off.

They still offer a touch of chic that can help elevate the maxi dress being worn, thus making them ideal for those who want to be trendy and comfortable at the same time.

shoes to wear with maxi dresses

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of shoe options that women can consider when looking to find the right pair to complement an outfit that includes a maxi dress this summer. Each of the different types outlined features numerous designs and styles, meaning they can be versatile and used with a number of different outfits, not just a maxi dress. However, it is important to remember that comfort is always something to keep in mind, so depending on the event, the best type of footwear to have might be different for each occasion.

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