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I would be lying if I said life has not been tough recently. My health is not fabulous and it’s been really difficult over the last few years and especially the last few months to get out and go anywhere but it is getting better slowly. I have had a few times where I have rested and felt able to do a few things out of the home. Even if its been only once a week.

Clarks Shoes

I had a visit to my local church the other Sunday. Then this weekend I managed to travel in the car with John to Yorkshire to see my family and I took my daughter shopping.


It wasn’t shopping in the same way you might go shopping. I only had the energy to go to one store and even then I felt sick and nauseous and weak but we went shopping and Sylvia loved it and I had an amazing time. 

We chose to go to Clarks, which happens to be one of my favourite children’s shoe stores in the whole of the UK.

Shoe Shopping at Clarks Shoe Store

As a child my mum took me and my sister Deborah to Clarks and I had my feet measured. She then knew what size shoe we were and every so often, maybe once a year we got a new pair of shoes.

When I returned to New Zealand in 2010, I took Sylvia to Clarks. I had her feet measured and bought her her first pair of clarks shoes.


Over the years I’ve bought shoes from various shoe stores but I do know from experience that the cheaper shoes wear out too fast and the Clarks don’t. They last a long time and Sylvia has always outgrown her clarks shoes before they need replacing. Now that is value for money!


So last year we were sent some shoes to review (Not from clarks) and sadly the shoes wore out super fast. I was very disappointed and so Sylvia went back to an old pair of Clark boots and has been wearing them while I saved up to take her to the Clarks Outlet store at Junction 32 in Castleford, Yorkshire.

So, today we finally went to the Clarks store. Sylvia had her feet measured.



I love the new measuring method. There is a foot measure pad, a computer/pad and a tool which measures the foot width. Sylvia is a size 2 and 1/2 way between F and G.


So, we went to search for the perfect pair of School shoes for Sylvia and she found them! She tried them on and they fit perfectly. There was a good sale on where if you bought a pair of shoes you could get a second pair for £5.


Now that was a good deal and so I asked Sylvia to choose a pair of church shoes. She is getting baptised in may and can then wear her church shoes regular on Sundays.

She also had to choose a second pair as the school shoes were not part of the special deal, although they were almost half price and s Sylvia chose a pair of comfy shoes for going out.


She now has three good strong pairs of shoes which I expect to last a good length of time.

I’m the type of person who likes to stick with one brand and to be honest after trying a few different shoe brands, I think I’m going to stick with Clarks for Sylvia’s school shoes as I know they last!


I feel quite excited that Sylvia has her three main pairs of shoes and that I got them on sale. I love a good deal and now I won’t have to worry about any more clothing/footwear “needs” until she starts year Four around September.

The only clothing items we need are some new socks, undies and one or two cardigans. She has everything else she needs.

Of course if we are sent lovely new items to review on our Sylvia’s Style section of the blog we will take the opportunity, however it feels great that I saved and got my child nice shoes, especially when 5 years ago I was a single mother struggling to get by each week and looking out for pennies as we walked down the street.