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Seven Activities to Do with Your Kids When It’s Raining

Have you ever dreaded rainy days? The kids cannot go outside to burn off all of that after-school energy. They are trapped indoors with nothing to do, moping around and moaning, flipping themselves upside down on the couch. They are bickering and antagonising their siblings, and you get to the point where you snap.

Instead of snapping on them, hop in the car and take them out. Yes, it is wet and messy outside, but a quick drive in the rain is so much better than listening to screaming about one hitting the other or whining that one took the other’s toy. Go and have some fun rather than staying home and being miserable.

While the kids are enjoying whatever activity you choose, have a little fun yourself. Blog about the excitement of actually doing something on a rainy day. Try and come up with a creative domain name, take lots of pictures, and share your fun with friends and the rest of the world.


Bowling is one of the first things that comes to mind when we think of activities for a rainy day. Even though it is one of the most common, it is still a great suggestion. Family competition can be exciting, especially when you are bowling a great game. Bowling centres have expanded over recent years to include other activities. Amusement games and arcade video games have been incorporated to provide additional entertainment. Laser tag is growing fast! Bowling centres are more than just for hitting ten pins.

Ten Pin Bowling In Lancashire at the bolton holywood bowl sylvia holding a bowling ball


Probably the top activity that comes to mind when it is raining. Although ticket prices are high and the costs of concessions are even higher, taking your children to the theatre can be an experience worth the price. It is far more exciting to see a movie on the big screen than it is from the couch. Sounds coming from every wall, a bucket of popcorn in the middle, massive cups full of liquid gold; these are things that can only be appreciated in the movie theatre.

Book Store

Encourage your kids’ ability and desire to read. Open their eyes to the beauty of the written word and the worlds created within the pages. If you have toddlers, start them off with picture books; read to them while the rain pours down. Have the younger kids read out loud with starter chapter books, help them with the words they do not know. Older kids can grab a book and read on their own, but by you taking them you are fanning the flames of reading.

Do not forget about comic books! These are a great means of building an interest in reading. With the popularity of the Marvel and other superhero movies, these could be the lead-in needed to breach into the world of novels and short stories.

Indoor Playgrounds

This are starting to sprout up all over the place. Imagine buildings full of trampolines; some on the floors, some going up the walls. Take off your shoes and bounce the day away. There are even trampoline sports in these places: basketball, bouncing dodgeball, jumping track.

Some have obstacle courses to go through like on American Ninja Warrior. There are pits to swing over Indiana Jones style full of foam blocks to protect the kids. Some indoor playgrounds contain giant inflatable bounce houses. These also come in standard jumping form, obstacle courses, and inflated sports houses

And they are not just for kids. In most places, parents can participate as well. There is no reason you can’t put on an imaginary fedora, whip out an invisible bull whip, and swing away from the pretend boulder rolling after you (cue the action theme music). Make sure to tell the tale of your survival in your rainy day blog.

Escape Rooms

These would be fun for older kids. Escape rooms require  higher level thought and a general knowledge of a wide range of topics in order to answer clues. Being stuck in a room with your teen children is what you were trying to escape from; well now you have to escape the room with the help of your teens. Enjoy the experience with them. One day, not too far off, they will be off exploring the world and you will wish you could be trapped in a room with them again (cue the waterworks).


Take your kids out to explore the past. Museums are great places to see amazing things such as dinosaurs, the solar system, old 1900s machinery, and cavemen. Ignite their imaginations of what life was like in Ancient Egypt, or what it would be like on Mars in the future. Get their creativity going with adventures they can see and touch.

Science centres are also wonderful places for children to go on rainy days. Discovering how blood flows through the body, how bugs use different means to survive, what happens to your body when a virus enters it; these are all things they can learn about in a science centre. They will do all of this through interactive exhibits designed to resemble the inside of the stomach or a hospital ER.

Go Outside!

Go out and play in the rain! Why do they have to stay inside? If you let them go to the pool or take a shower, why not let them  have some fun in the falling water? Let them be kids. Take them outside to splash in the puddles or run around in the grass; roll out the slip-and-slide while you’re at it.

Notice that said “take them outside.” Go outside with them. Play around, be a kid again. Forget the stresses of life for a little while and have some fun with your kids. They need the free time to be a kid, and they will love having mommy or daddy with them as they do. And when you dry off, mention in your blog how much fun you had with them!

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