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Setting Realistic Goals I Can Achieve

Setting realistic goals is something I have been thinking about lately. To be honest, I’m a notorious goal setter. I set goals, work towards them, achieve them and then off I go again. It’s the way I’ve been taught by my mother and the way I will always be. 

I am a goal setter! 

So at the end of 2018 I set 36 goals around the time of my 36th birthday and I have already smashed some of those goals which is fantastic. We have after two years of saving booked our flights to visit my family in New Zealand. I am so so excited! 

Can you believe it! After ten years I will travel home to see my sister and family members. It has been too long! Never give up on goals and dreams

goal digger

Mother Goals

Here are my parenting goals for January to July. 

  • To support Sylvia emotionally as she is becoming a young woman. 
  • To spend time with Sylvia every night and talk.
  • To do Friday night beauty treatments, movies and essential oils with Sylvia. 
  • To support Sylvia with her SATS exam preparation due in May.
  • To read scriptures and pray with my daughter every morning. 

angela milnes

Health Goals

So this year I have several health related goals which are:

  • Getting all my Dental Treatment Completed
  • Meal Planning with the Instant Pot Healthy and Nutritious Food. I am working on freezer meal prep.
  • Manage Adrenal Insufficiency, Growth Hormone Deficiency, Iron and Vitamin D levels.
  • Learn what foods to avoid and cut out for my Reactive Hypoglycemia.
  • Be well enough to travel to New Zealand to see my family – even if I have to rest the whole time when when I arrive. 
  • Experiment with essential oils and take supplements to help my nutrition.
  • Be well enough to visit a few friends in London mid year! 

Blog Goals 

This is a big one but I have set goals for January to July 2019. We go to New Zealand in August and I will make new goals from September to December when we return! 

I am currently taking a big break from most sponsored/paid work on the blog and am looking to start back doing that in April. I needed to take a step back due to illness and it has given me time to focus. 

Statistic Goals

  • Grow my Instagram following to 15K followers. Currently at 11.7K – To improve engagement!
  • Grow my Pinterest following to 20K followers. Currently at 16.4K – To improve engagement!
  • Improve my current Twitter and Facebook page engagement levels.
  • Maintain my Domain Authority which is currently 55. 

SEO Goals

  • SEO and update the Valentines, Easter, Spring and Summer Crafts sections on my blog. This is time consuming but will be so worth it. (I have completed an SEO course which was not cheap) and I’m now implementing the things I have learnt so my blog posts do better via Google Search Engines. 

Instant Pot Goals

  • Continue to build my Instant Pot community on Facebook.
  • I have an Instant Pot Facebook Group and an Instant Pot Recipes For Beginners Page which has just reached 10K followers! I’m hoping to have 2000 members in my Instant Pot group by July and to grow my page likes to 25K. I have a fantastic VA working with me and together our joint efforts are paying off. 
  • Create and promote one meal plan per month which I can sell in my online shop. My first Instant Pot Meal Plan is doing well and I’ve sold 30 copies so far! When I have sold enough copies I will use the money to buy the American Instant Pot! (Something I would love for the blog!)

30 Day Meal Plan for the Instant Pot Pin


More Instant Pot Goals

  • To consistently share one Instant Pot recipe per week on The Inspiration Edit. 
  • To create slideshow videos to help promote my recipes. 
  • To share my recipe each week via newsletter.

Crafty Goals

  • To grow my Facebook Crafts Page to 1K followers. 
  • To create 2 crafty videos/slideshows per month. 
  • To share one craft per week via newsletter

Review Goals

I would like to pitch for and review the following items to improve the home:

  • Review a cooker.
  • Review a Sofa.
  • Review toys and beauty products.
  • Review Kitchen Items.
  • Review more pyjamas and bedding – as bed is the place I spend most time!

So… here are the goals for the next six months!

I can do this and I will.

It’s a team effort. I have a my husband by my side supporting me with my health and our family blog / business goals.

John is a silent partner a lot of the time.

I also have a few VA’s helping me with my goals and whilst I have had to take a risk and make financial investments this year so I can take a break from sponsored work I know things eventually all pay off! 

Angela x