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When I married my husband John he has a dream to become a photographer. John had little experience and didn’t know much about photography but he signed up for a photography subscription and I told him to follow his dreams.

It has been three years and we saved for 18 months for his first decent camera which we got in 2015. Since then John’s skills have improved from day to day and his knowledge is ever growing. I also had a dream to blog and to be publish my books. I’m still working on my dream but my blogging is doing well and I’ve come a long way in just 18 months.


Together John and I make a great team. We complement each other and we also have a vey beautiful child who allows us to take lovely pictures which I can share here on the blog.

Developing your skills is a brilliant thing to do. Imagine if I’d have said to my husband, but you might not be any good or we cant possibly save up or learn without doing a course. It’s too hard.

I think we have learnt a good lesson and that is that if you have a dream to go for it and see what will happen. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t make it and don’t succeed. We will continue to have dreams and work on them and continue to work on our goals.

I’m so blessed to have a husband who can take lovely photos of our child. On the weekend we took plenty of great snaps of Sylvia and I have lots to share so this is a great opportunity to do so.

John is getting better at his portrait photography and as he works on this he is planning to begin learning about studio photography and begin developing his skills in that area.  Hopefully this will eventually bring in an income and be very useful for the blog.

So, if you have a dream or a goal, find a way to do it and go for it. I love the phrase “It is better to aim for the stars and miss than to aim for the gutter and hit”