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Health Care Tips for Brown Hair: What Should Know Before Transforming Your Blonde Hair to Brown

While many women are taking their hair colouring technique to a ridiculously new level, you are considering colouring things down by forgetting your blonde hair and opting for brown hair. 

Transforming your hair colour from one particular colour to another, whether you are switching up or toning down, is not something daunting as long as you choose a professional to help you get your desired colour. However, selecting a pro colourist is not only the thing you should consider before diving into a bold shade.

Just like changing from brown to blonde, the opposite change needs a lot of upkeep. You also need to be keen when it comes to caring your hair at home because some homemade hair products might react differently on your brown hair that they used to on your blonde hair. 

To make you confident of what you are doing so that you would be able to have a good transition and maintenance of your hair, we talked to the pro colourist, and this is what she advised us on transitioning from blonde hair to brown. 

Experiment with A Wig First to Be Certain.

A drastic change in your hair colour can completely transform the way you look. So, if you have decided to go brown, experts advise that you should first try a wig to know how you would appear. Rock your wig throughout the day and don’t add any makeup so you get a real feel of how you would be looking like regularly. Remember that if you try to change your blonde to brown hair and it backfires, going back isn’t going to be easy. So, you need to make sure that everything will work out as expected.

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For Better Results, Transition Slowly.

While you might assume that hair would be an ideal look for you, you might be surprised to discover that a hue between blonde and brown is actually best for you. As such, experts recommend that you transition slowly. Remember that also you don’t want to go too brown as it may not look great on you. You also don’t want to transition from blonde to brown, and after a month you want to go back to blonde.

Carry Pictures to Your Colourist So She Understands What You Need.

As the hair experts say, “a picture is worth a million words”, so bring pictures or save some photos on your phone of the hue of brown you want to rock. It is always difficult for you to explain the colourist the colour you need and visualise that in her head. Also, your complexion plays a significant role in determining which shade of hair colour to choose. For example, if you have a neutral complexion, you need to choose lighter brown. If you choose darker shades, you will notice a lot of lines of imperfections.

Continue Utilising A Gloss for Shaded Hair at Home.

The way you care for your hair after colouring is important. If your hair is bleached, the colour can change to black on the tips if your hair gets damaged. It is essential to utilise nourishing hair products that will repair the damaged strands and allow you to keep the best shape after colour transformation.

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Don’t Use Products That Might Cause Your Air to Dry Out.

Freshly shaded hair needs TLC. Rather than utilising hair products with too much alcohol that denies your hair the moisture, enhance the nourishment with lightweight oils such as Argan oil.

Try to Keep Off from The Direct Sun Rays.

Sunrays destroy your hair. Generally, sunlight oxidises your hair colour and makes it lighter and brassy or even both. While you cannot wholly avoid exposing your hair to sunlight, you can eliminate the brassiness the sunlight causes on your hair by utilising a clarifying hair rinse.

Utilise the Right Conditioners and Shampoo.

It is vital to be choosy when it comes to selecting the right conditioners and shampoos for your transformed hair colour. Since you are transforming your hair to brown, consider brands that are formulated for brown hair. The shampoo is excellent in neutralising orange or brassy tints, and conditioner is more exceptional and light, so it will not add unnecessary weight on your strands.

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