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Seeing My Child through the Lens when I’m Unwell

Recently we went to London for medical tests and for me to start my trial of the Adrenal Pump. While I was stuck in the hospital building having a day curve test, John and Sylvia went out to enjoy the warm weather and I couldn’t be more happier for them. When John takes photos I still get to see my child through the lens even when I’m unwell and that is something special.


Sylvia and John decided to walk through Regents Park. While walking through the park, they came across some squirrels and John took some brilliant photos.


Like any curious child, Sylvia decided she would try and get close them. One of the squirrels also became curious and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. He and Sylvia got very close to one another.


When John and Sylvia came back she was so excited to tell me about the adventure with the squirrels and show me all the photos. The photography by John is fabulous and I could not resist sharing this.


It was beautiful to see the photos, even though I was unable to go on the adventure and I particularly love the shot below.


John is getting better at photography and it’s beautiful to see what my child gets up to and see the world through the lens, even when I’m too unwell to go places myself.

Sylvia and the Squirrels - 4