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Family Fun, DIY Projects And Seaweed Pasta 


Family Fun, DIY Projects And Seaweed Pasta

This week my parents came to stay for the week. My mum and dad live in New Zealand but are on an extended holiday here in the UK until September and so we had a lovely week together. My dad helped with a lot of DIY and my mum helped me to declutter tons of things. I feel so good that our home is almost clutter free. I have always loved to be clutter free since being a child. I can’t believe how many clothes and toys and things we have given away this week. I know they will benefit others and they have had enough use in our home.

familypockets of inspiration

Inspiring Read

I haven’t had much time to read this week but I did read online that Danielle from the Someone’s Mum Blog won Parent Blogger of the year at the Blogosphere Awards and I was really happy for her. I love Danielle’s blog especially her articles on Autism. Well done Danielle.

What I Watched

This week I watched Lady and the Tramp one and two with Sylvia. It was her first time to watch the movies and being dog lovers Sylvia and I enjoyed it.

Something I Made  

This week we made Seaweed Pasta. We used Seamore I Sea Tagliatelle Pasta a new product which we have not tried before.

seaweed pasta

I was not keen on the Seaweed and neither was Sylvia and John. My mum loved it and so did Yoda and Casper. I love Sushi and expected to like this product but this Seaweed was a little too strong for me and it’s not something I will be buying again. I guess some items work and some don’t. This was not a popular one for us.

seaweed pasta


Home Improvements / New Finds

With my dad visiting we have completed a few DIY tasks and including new Beatrix Potter wallpaper for Sylvia’s room and building shelves in our towel and sheets cupboard.

beatrix potter wallpaper

I love that my dad built this for me and it is so useful. Now everything has a place and it’s no longer and piled on the floor of the cupboard. I also have somewhere to keep the vacume cleaner which is awesome. It has been great decluttering the home with my parents and making improvements. My dad also built shelves in the laundry room for John’s tools so they are not all around the house. Now my bedroom is tool free and it feels great!

diy shelves

My Favourite Blog Post

My favourite blog post this week was my post on Sylvia’s Style and my dreams for the future. I am not bothered about Sylvia being a professional model or anything but we do love to model clothes on the blog and we have goals! I am excited about these.

roco clothing phillipa dress pink Brisdesmaid


Blogging Progress

This week I found out I am a finalist in the Inspire Category of the Bib Awards. I am super pleased about this. It’s lovely for my hard work to be recognised and I love that people actually think I am inspirational. It’s awesome. I am super pleased with this achievement.


Instagram Progress

Instagram is going okay. I have not had many followers this week but then I have not engaged as much again as I have been spending quality time with my parents and that was precious time. I will work harder next week.

education quote


Quote of the Week 

Here is my quote of the week. I hope you like it!



  1. I love a good declutter. I’ve moved house a fair few times over the past couple of years which seems to be the best way to get rid of stuff! Means I’m left with essentials now too.

  2. I like the sound of the seaweed pasta! Pasta is my favourite and I like to try out different recipes 🙂 I like the fact that there is a cooking video too to show you how to prepare it!

  3. Congratulations on being nominated for an award – that seaweed pasta sounds delicious.

  4. Congrats on the Nom and it looks like an action packed week. I like the idea of the seaweed pasta but not sure i’d actually enjoy eating it x

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