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Screechers Wild Jayhawk, Monkeywrench and Sparkbug Review

screechers wild

Today we have a fantastic review and giveaway here on The Inspiration Edit. We love to review toys and this week we were sent some Screechers Wild toys which went down really well with our toy testing team here in Lancashire.

Adeline has 5 boys and both her 8 and 7 year olds were very happy to test out the Screechers Wild toys for The Inspiration Edit. Here is a honest review written by Adeline.

Screechers Wild Review

By Adeline One of The Inspiration Edit’s Toy Testers

I received 3 different boxes, with 3 different models of Screechers Wild inside them: a red Monkeywrench, a blue Jayhawk and a yellow Sparkbug, the last one being in the same box as a Rapid Fire Disc Blaster.

screechers wild

There were 2 discs with the Jayhawk model, 3 with Monkeywrench and 3 with the Disc Blaster / Sparkbug toy.

screechers wild

My boys found the packaging very appealing and couldn’t wait to open the boxes. The cars were a bit tricky to transform or morph the first couple times. The boys needed a good look at the instructions paper, even my help, to work out the different steps in the right order, but they were very pleased once they got the hang of it.

screechers wild

Jonathan, 8, commented: “It’s a bit like Transformers, but better !” Gabriel, 7, with a big grin on his face : “I’m too happy !” Although the instructions do contain a warning: “AVOID FINGERS !” , both boys managed to get their fingers trapped within 5 min of opening their boxes but they still loved the toys in the end.

screechers wild

We all struggled to understand how to do the 360° flip advertised on the box, until we opened the disc blaster box and started shooting discs into the cars. Then we saw the first 180° and 360° flips happening.

screechers wild

After 15 min of play, the boys noticed they could also get their cars to do a flip and morph by throwing the disc into the slot/ head of the vehicle, or pulling it in firmly, NOT gently and slowly.

Definitely a boy’s toy!

screechers wild

Note: For some reason, it is harder to do a 360° flip with the Disc Blaster on the red vehicle, maybe because it’s a bit bulkier chunkier than the other 2 models.

On the whole, interesting toys most boys should enjoy playing with and collecting, with 16 models available.

Thankyou Adeline for an honest review!

We are so pleased to hear the boys loved the Screechers Wild toys.

The Giveaway

We have a fantastic Screechers Wild Bundle to giveaway here on the blog. We are giving away the same toys that were reviewed, the Jayhawk, Monkeywrench and Disc Blaster. All you need to do to enter the competition is complete the rafflecopter form below. The compeition ends on 30th April. The winner will be announced at the end of the giveaway on Facebook and twitter. This is open to UK and Ireland residents only. Good Luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*The Screechers Wild toys were gifted for the purpose of review*

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