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To The School Teacher Who Abused Me When I Was a Child

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To The School Teacher Who Abused Me When I Was a Child


A letter to the teacher who abused me. I remember your name, I remember your face. The way, you stood at the front of assembly each week with your pointy nose and peering eyes. You were my teacher for one year. You taught me about the European Economic Community. This was the first acronym I ever learnt. I remember drawing all the flags and colouring them in my book. I was only 8 but I found the topic fascinating. I really did. You wrote on the blackboard as the class copied your text word for word. You had buck teeth and I kind of felt sorry for you when the children in the playground called you a horse.

I thought you were a good teacher. You taught religion, the story of Noah’s Ark, parables of the good Samaritan. You really believed this, you were a devout Christian and so was I. I grew up in a religious home and thought it was great that my school teacher was sharing the stories of Jesus with my class.

You put hymns on the overhead projector each week and we sung as you played the piano. You were a talented teacher. We sung love is something if you give it away, Cross over the road my friend and Fairest Lord Jesus. You had the whole school singing songs of praise. You often taught parables and stories with morals. You appeared passionate about this.

I remember one story in particular:

A builder was instructed by his boss to build a house. He was given plenty of money and left to go about his job. Instead of using the best bricks and the best wood, the builder chose the cheapest materials. He built a house on the cheap and pocketed the money. The house though beautiful on the outside was deep down very poor quality. When reporting the completion of the house to his employer, the boss handed the Key back to the builder and said, this is a gift for you. The builder then realised his mistake. He had built a house for himself, yet it was not the type of home it could have been.

I remember you sharing this story. It was real food for thought. It had a good moral. You were teaching everyone the importance of being honest. The important of doing an honest days work and that It’s important to always do your best and be true to yourself.

I never forgot the story you told. I don’t think I ever will.

I also never forgot the time you abused me in your office. Do you remember? I do.

I don’t know why I never told anyone what you did to me. I must have been too frightened. You certainly taught me a lot that day.

You taught me that I was not important. You taught me that my feelings did not matter. You taught me to listen to authority and blindly obey. You taught me to accept abuse from men stronger and more powerful than me. You ingrained into me a feeling of fear, you taught me to do what I was told when I was told. The day you abused me you took something from me, you destroyed my self-worth and confidence.

It’s been 25 years. If you are alive you’ll be an old man now, maybe your in an old people’s home or living with your family. You could be dead, I really do not care. I’ve finally overcome my abusive past. Your no longer in my thoughts. Your no longer in my nightmares. I see you for what you truly are, a hypocrite and an abuser.

It took a long time but I finally learnt that men like you teach false truths. I’ve learnt to stand up to abusive and controlling men. I won’t let them or you affect my life anymore. I won’t accept lies because I am important. My feelings do matter and I am of great worth.

You were not a true teacher, you were a Hypocrite.

I know it and now the whole world knows it.

I am also now a qualified teacher. I went to University and graduated and I write a blog called The Inspiration Edit. I have a voice a strong voice! In the coming weeks and months and years, I plan to speak out against abuse.

I’m going to speak out against men like you and teach women that they are of worth, that they are of infinite worth and I plan to teach women to recognise the not so subtle signs of power and control. I’m going to stand up to men like you.

You had no right to do what you did to me and now I’ve taken the power back. I’m now free. You however are not. How can you be? You will always be weighed down knowing that you abused a child, a little 8-year-old girl and from that knowledge you will never be free.

Angela x



  1. This is a very powerful post Angela. People like that are evil plain and simple. Im glad you have taken back control of your life from those type of people. #Anythinggoes

    1. Thanks Tracey. I Tried dealing with in in another way and because of the time frame the council did not want to know. Instead I have written this letter and although it is a thing of the past. I did feel like writing this and just having the last word on the matter. 🙂

  2. That was an amazing piece of writing and very brave of you to write about. From one survivor to another, I applaud you, my friend and you have my total support in your endeavors to reach out to others and teach them that they are worthy. It took a long time for me as well to realize that I am a valuable human being and it took me a long time to move past it and to forgive but now that I have accomplished these things, I am never looking back! Thank you for sharing this Angela! #anythinggoes

  3. That’s such a powerful post. I admire you for finally freeing yourself in the past. All is gone now, and you are stronger than ever. I hope you continue to be this way.

  4. God what a disgusting man teaching parables about Christianity to act as a masque so he can target other vulnerable women. It is men like this that deserve to pay for what they have done and I am not a violent person but I believe that karma is a bitch and that bitch is beautiful. I was abused by my stepmother but even I cannot fathom what you have been through because everyone’s experience with abuse is unique . I am so proud of you for sharing your story.

    1. Yes he was a disgusting man and a power tripper and I think hiding behind christian values did confuse me a little. I know a number of teachers lost their jobs a few years after I left the school, so i’m hoping he got caught out.

  5. Wow, such a moving post. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I am so glad you are reclaiming your life and speaking out against this man. Nobody deserves to be abused and have their life taken from them before it even starts. Sending you love, positivity and happiness.

  6. A brave and powerful post. And it may just help a little girl who has been abused recently find the strength and courage to speak out. So sorry that teacher did that to you, but glad you have not let it define you.

  7. Sometimes writing posts like this can be really good for the soul. Really helps get things out and explain how you feel. Really sorry this happened to you but I’m pleased your taking back control and being strong x

  8. I hope this post helped you as mine did me, sometimes giving something so controling of your life a space gives you the space you needed.
    Much love, it took me many years but I am to at peace with what happened xxx

  9. Thank you so so much for sharing. Your post will absolutely help someone else find the strength to speak up it will also be an inspiration to others who may not yet be free. Well done #AnythingGoes

  10. Aw Angela, I feel so proud of you for sharing this. I am so glad that you are strong and have not let this control your life, I admire you and the fact that you are doing something positive from the horrible experence. xxxx

  11. A powerful post. I admire you for talking out about abuse its a topic that people need to be made more aware on. It’s good that you are able to free yourself from the past.

  12. I am so sorry this happened to you. You hear so many horror stories in the papers, but to hear it straight from a blogger, it really makes it more real. You are so strong and amazing to have made something of your life and to write this, I applaud you. This should not have happened to anyone, but it did, and you have had the last say now x

  13. Angela, thank you so much for sharing this beautifully written personal post. I can’t imagine that this was an easy experience to put in words. But your experience is so important for others to read. I am truly inspired by your journey and your willingness to use your voice and your amazing platform to share with people who may have similar experiences to you. Thank you for being a strong and vocal survivor.

    1. Thanks Sola. I’m glad I;ve found writing and blogging and it’s a perfect platform for me to speak out against child abuse and stand up for the things i believe. I love this blogging journey and the peace and happiness it brings to my life.

  14. Your description of his perfect teacher facade contrasting with his abusive secrets makes me feel sick to the core. You are strong and I sincerely hope that others will not have to go through what you went through. I hope that we will be able to teach our children to speak out about abuse so that we can do something about it. Good luck with your campaign. I will support you all the way. #AnythingGoes

  15. Wow what a powerful post. You’ve been so brave all this time. You are such a strong person and have dealt with this with great dignity. You’ll make a fab advocate against abuse in the future when you are ready x

  16. Such a powerful post and so beautifully written. It’s abhorrent to think that someone would abuse their power in that way but I know that it happens all the time and the more it’s made public the better.

  17. That anyone can do this to a child yet alone a teacher a person of responsibility in a position of great trust is totally unthinkable. Some people are just pure evil! I really admire your strength Angela! Keep inspiring others x

  18. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Angela. And by a teacher who you trusted, believed in & respected. It’s awful that the abuse had such a terrible effect on your life. It’s wonderful that you are sharing this & that you have taken your power back. x

    1. Thanks. I think this was the first of many experiences of abuse I suffered in my life and I hope to stand up against it as an adult who has overcome these experiences.

  19. You seem to be in a really good place now, and definitely have a strong positive voice compared with what you’ve been through in your life. Good for you

  20. This is an incredible post. You are a really strong person (and as an aside, a beautiful writer). I have to say, this really hit home with me due to an experience I apparently went through as a much younger child than you were. I am kind of thankful that as I was so young, I cannot really remember it, but the knowledge still left me angry and scared at times. People can be sick and evil and it is for us as victims to rise above their disgustingly low behaviour and shout “sod you… you didn’t ruin me. I am happy and I am a survivor”.

  21. I am so sorry to hear about your experiences with this teacher. It must have been tough and no one has the right to ever make other feel inferior or weak or not important, not even those who have “power”. I hope your story inspires a lot of us to speak up, stand up, and fight for ourselves.

  22. Such an awful thing for anybody to experience – I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I’m glad you can now see this man for what he really is/was. A manipulative scumbag. xx

  23. Such a brave post. It must have taken a lot of courage to write this. How anyone could treat a child like this is disgusting. It makes me feel sick. And I hate to think of other children in a similar position. Writing posts like this is so important. It highlights a problem that still exists. We can’t bury our heads in the sand. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  24. Congratulations on being brave and strong enough to post this. Hopefully it will help others who’ve had the same terrible experience know they’re not the only ones and it is possible to make it though. It makes me so angry that people are able to use their positions to abuse others and get away with it.

  25. This must have taken guts to write but is so strong! Good for you. I can’t imagine what you must have been through – awful but you can’t change the past – just be strong and move forward. You have achieved loads and will not have let him stop you. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  26. Oh my. what a thing to keep away for so long. Its a beautifully written piece that should be in a website called womenforone. Much love and strength to you!

  27. Wow – this is so powerful. Well done you for standing up and speaking about it – I’m so sorry you had to go through something like that. #bestandworst

  28. What a powerful, moving and inspiring post! I am so sorry that this happened to you. No child should ever have to go through what you did. You have indeed taken the power back! Thanks for sharing your moving story with #abitofeverything

  29. What an awful thing to have happened to you Angela. I’m so glad you’ve written this post and taken back your power. You will be brilliant at empowering women who have suffered this kind of abuse

  30. You are such a brave and strong woman. Dealing with abuse is so hard and so much more common that we actually think. It’s a horrible experience but you’ve manage to overcome it and you will inspire so many others to come forward and do the same. A beautifully written post. Thank you for sharing.

  31. I’m so happy that you have found strength in life despite this scum! xx Just reading about people like this makes me rage!

  32. This made me tear up Angela. Such a powerful and well written post. Good for you for writing this! You have done the best thing you could, to take back control and share your experiences and inspire others to do the same. xx

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