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School Projects That’ll Bring Value to the Local Community – Collabaoration

It’s not a secret that we acquire the most information when we are engaged in the learning process. We’d love to say that traditional forms of education accomplish this task, but we would lie then. Unfortunately, textbooks and boring lectures are nowhere near as effective as group work and school projects. They have strong educational value, but there’s something more to them – they can be beneficial to the local community as well. In the article below, you’ll find ideas for school projects that are not only educational but can also be helpful for people. So, let’s check them out!

Weather station

Whether we like it or not, we are dependent on the weather, and it has always had a massive impact on our lives. It’s impossible to grow crop plants when drought or floods are there. Notice that it’s not only crucial for plant cultivation, but also for many other little things, for example, planning. The majority of us watch weather forecasts daily, in order to know what we should expect from the upcoming days. When you know that a particular day will be rainy, you can prepare for the rain, and take an umbrella with you. 

However, you surely noticed that oftentimes the weather forecasts are not accurate – even the best weather website can sometimes be wrong. It happens because the atmosphere is a dynamic system, and things can change even in a matter of hours. But, you don’t have to rely on the nationwide weather forecast at all. It’s a fantastic idea to start a weather station school project. It will be an excellent opportunity for children to learn more about the weather – how and why it changes, and how to analyze the data that you can get from a station. Also, the information will be much more accurate, so the local community will be able to benefit from this exciting project as well!

Advertisement campaign

Although we dislike ads a lot, they are very needed. You may ask why. The answer is straightforward – they help consumers to make more informed purchase decisions about products or services. Also, advertisements allow a bigger audience to find out the product features. So, except for the obvious commercial purpose, they are also informative. And that’s what every kid should know. 

It’s a great idea to do an advertisement campaign when you want to discuss this exciting topic. Students should split into a few teams, and each team task would be to choose a product that they want to sell. It could be, for example, healthy food, school accessories etc. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as kids like it. 

You could even go one step further and suggest that they could try to sell the product which they chose, and the money they got from this action could be used to donate for charity. It’s even double beneficial – kids will learn that it’s essential to help those who are in need, and the local community would benefit from this unusual campaign. Also, kids would surely be local newspaper heroes, so there’s plenty of advantages to such an action!

Play project

The theatre can be fun. However, kids prefer the cinema more. While there’s nothing wrong with going to the cinema, you can help kids realize that theatre can be fun as well! All you need to do is to create a play. It can be about something that you recently covered during the classes, but it’s not a must. Once you have an idea, you can start selling tickets. They don’t have to be expensive; it’s best if the price is symbolic. The profit from the action could be used to help someone from the local community, who needs such help. You can be sure that there will be plenty of spectators, especially when they know that it’s for a good cause.

Public library

Who doesn’t like to read a book on the cold autumn evening? Sadly, not everyone can afford such a pleasure. There’s plenty of books in the library, but there could be even more! You can organize a project where kids would collect and donate the books to the public library. It would be a praiseworthy action, and all the local community could benefit from it. It’s a great occasion to teach children that they should read and respect books. Especially now, when the majority of young people use smartphones, computers, and abandon books. You can change it!

Those are only four examples of school projects that can have an impact on the local community. They all have something in common – they have educational value, but also allow kids to learn through play, and help those who need help. It’s amazing how little is required to make a world a better place. If you like such ideas, then implement them right now – the outcome can only be good!