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The Blue Whale Challenge is making a lot of noise in the headlines these days. This social media challenge has shaken parents completely. It encourages preteens and teenagers to perform a number of tasks while taking part in the challenge, and the only way to win is to commit suicide. This challenge lasts for 50 days, the participants are asked to do a couple of things which include self-harm, emotional and mental torture as well. Considering the senseless tasks that are given in the Blue Whale Challenge and the insane popularity of these tasks among teenagers, it has become a major concern for parents.

Many parents are outraged on the creator of this challenge.

The tasks are usually allotted by the group administrator who remains anonymous. Parents are rightfully feeling concerned about this challenge, the blue whale challenge encourages teens and tweens to:

  • Take part in the bizarre acts of self-harm, players are asked to cut themselves with blades or knives.
  • This scary challenge targets children as young as 10 to 14 years of age, players are required to record each and everything and submit the photo evidence to the administrator in order to prove that they have completed the task.
  • Children who are curious to know more about the Blue Whale Challenge post multiple hashtags regarding this particular challenge and get selected by a group administrator to complete terrifying tasks.

What should be a Parent’s Role?

The Blue Whale Challenge indicates the brutal mentality of the masses on the social media, this challenge creates new opportunities for predators to inflict harm on their victims. The sole purpose of this challenge is to harm the younger teens and tweens by making them believe that they are taking part in something really thrilling. The key players who are the administrators of the game are adults who manipulate younger teens and blackmail them to do tasks even when they no longer wish to be a part of this challenge. All in all, the whole scenario is quite scary for parents, here are a few things parents need to do:

  • Keep a check on your teen’s behavior, if you notice any changes, talk to them immediately
  • Communicate with your child about the dangers online and urge them to let you know if they notice any fearful content on social media
  • Ensure that your teen is safe online even if it means checking their cell phones

You can ensure teen’s safety with the help of parental apps, these apps let parents monitor their kid’s activities digitally. A parental app such as FamilyTime enables parents to schedule auto screen locks on teen’s device in order to limit their screen usage. There is a lot more that parents can do with the app. Want to give it a try for free? You can get the app now from the app store on your phone.

Switch to smart parenting to keep your teen safe on the web!

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  1. I communicate with my kid about the dangers online almost every day, and try to monitor what he does on his phone, but I think every parent agrees that it is not possible to do it all the time as we are not next to our kids 24/7. So to be sure that my kid is safe while using his phone, I installed Kidslox on his devices. It is a great app and I am satisfied with it. I can limit his screen time and also block inappropriate sites. What can be better? I think Kidslox is a good helper for our family.

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