Reviewing the Scandinavian Penclic Mouse R3

penclic mouse

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Reviewing the Scandinavian Penclic Mouse R3

This week I received a really interesting computing product in the mail which I gave my husband for Father’s Day. The product is the Penclic Mouse R3 a Scandinavian device made in Sweeden. I must admit I was quite intrigued when I was contacted about this item as John and I love gadgets and I’ve never used a different type of mouse for my computer before.

penclic mouse

Usually I will use a Macbook and use my fingers on the mouse pad area and other times I will use an apple mouse. I was really quite interested to see exactly how the Penclic Mouse works in comparison to what I was used to.

penclic mouse

The most obvious thing is that the Penclic Mouse is a mouse with a pen grip on it. This can help create a healthier working position and help avoid repeated wrist rotation. I have actually heard of RSA, repetetive strain injury and wrist overuse and seen how it has affected people in a past job and therefore any product which is more natural for the hand has the green light from me.

The Penclic Mouse is really easy and simple to set up. You simple turn the button on and off. The mouse uses rechargeable batteries, has a blue tooth connection and can also be charged via USB.

penclic mouse

What I like about the Penclic is that it is great for both right and left hand users. The precision on the pen allows you to do very specific work for example when John was editing his photos, the Penclic made it easier to be precise than the usual mouse.

The one thing which is great is that this mouse can be used on any surface. Sometimes when using a normal mouse I struggle to get the mouse to work on the table and if i am using my computer in the lounge it can be awkward. With the Penclic I can use the mouse anywhere without worrying about movement across surfaces. That to me is the best part about this new device.

penclic mouse

My husband has tested out the Penclic and he has now switched his usual mouse for this new product and is really enjoying it. I am quite pleased we were given the opportunity to review this product. It really is great and John was happy that he got this for Father’s Day. It made a fantastic gift!

Angela x

We were sent the Penclic Mouse for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views are my own.





  1. This product sounds really interesting – I’vr only ever used the conventional mouse and the track pad on my laptop, but this would be a lot better than both I think. Does it have to be used on a flat surface? I presume not…? x

  2. This is definitely something different! I know my mouse keeps giving my hands these cramps! I hate it! I would love to get this for my husband (who works on the computer as much as i do!) and for myself! This would be perfect! Great review!

  3. This looks fab – I just use the mousepad on my laptop when I’m blogging (similar reason, normal mouse doesn’t always track very well) but my husband uses a mouse and desktop at work all day and RSA is such a common thing now x

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