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Something I love to share here on The Inspiration Edit is my love for interiors and style. I love fresh clean looks as well as quirky and unique styles.  There are so many wonderful designs and ideas out there.

Today I wanted to share some Scandinavian interiors inspiration. I do love the Scandinavian look and it’s something I really would love in my home one day. So today, I’ve chosen a few rooms from the home and have some simple but easy ideas to help create the perfect Scandinavian look.

I’d love to know which you like the most?

Scandinavian Interiors Inspiration

kids nursery room

Here is a fantastic kids room idea. I love the black and white prints against the white walls and floor.

I think pattern can work really well and compliment a white wall.

I really love the aluminium bunny prints. These are available from Pixersize and really add a touch of colour to the room.

The second room today is a Scandinavian Playroom. This has a wonderful wooden theme going on with a forest animals and owl inspired wall murals.

The room has some cute Scandinavian style glass stickers. I think the simple nature of the the room is fantastic and this really would compliment a playroom focussing on simple and natural toys.

This would be a great look for a child’s playroom or nursery and a perfect setting for encouraging heuristic play.

Whilst studying to become a school teacher over ten years ago I learnt the value of allowing children to play, discover and explore using natural materials.

I have been a huge fan ever since and I do feel the Scandinavian look can really compliment a healthy and positive learning environment for little ones.

The third inspirational room I am sharing is the toddlers room.

Again this is a a simplistic Scandinavian style room with a cute wall mural and lovely framed bunny posters.

I think the posters and wall mural really do compliment one another well.

My favourite of the three rooms is forest themed playroom.

I think that’s because I can vision all the things a child could do in such a peaceful and calm environment. Which is your favourite?

Angela x

*Collaborative Post

Here are some fabulous Scandinavian style interior ideas for the home