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So it appears that 2019 is in full swing and the festive season is a long, distant memory. The wind isn’t as cold, the sun is shining a little more and if you’re lucky, you might have spotted a few signs of Spring here and there!

So even though Spring is on the way, most of us are already looking forward to our annual family holiday. The summer might a little way off yet but that just means you have plenty of time to plan and save!

You don’t need to cash in an old investment to pay for your next holiday – for the latest information on investment pieces check out Golden Eagle Coin – you just need to be a little savvier with your spending and look at ways you can squeeze a little extra cash out of your day to day life. Wondering where to start?

Check out these super simple ways you can save the money you need for that family vacation.

Staying in is the new going out

Whether you have a celebration coming up or you just want to let your hair down, heading out on the town is a sure fire way to blow a lot of money.

From the taxis, to the drinks at the bar, the new outfit, the food, and everything else in between, going out on the town isn’t great for your savings. So, why not invite friends round instead?

There’s nothing wrong with inviting your friends round after the kids have gone to bed (or let them have a sleepover and grandma and grandpa’s house for the night), opening a bottle of wine and having a giggle. Staying in is the new going out!

Don’t spend big bucks on entertainment

Kids seem to get bored so quickly these days…and things like indoor soft play, theme parks, zoos and even the latest game for their console are all pricey ways to keep them entertained.

So, in the run up to your holiday, cut the budget and do things on the cheap. Head to the local park, do some planting in the garden, go the library and see what free events they have coming up and make a note in your diary.

What kids want is your time – not more stuff….!

Empty your wardrobe

We all love heading to the shops and buying a new holiday wardrobe. It’s part of the excitement. Trouble is we all have so much stuff we usually end up buying duplicates of everything without even realising.

So, go through your wardrobe and see what you already have, do the same for the kids cupboards too. You can use some things as hand-me-downs and sell everything else online to make a little extra cash!

Avoid the takeaway!

A tricky one…we all love a takeaway on a Friday or Saturday night – and we should do, we’ve earned it! But the cost of a weekly takeaway soon adds up…If you’re spending £30 a week on a family takeaway and have 7 weeks to go until your holiday…that’s over £200 you could take with you to spend on fun times instead!

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