Well we are finally at Disneyland and today was fantastic. We arrived at our destination, The Santa Fe Hotel at 11am in the morning. The first thing we needed to do was check in. I was able to give the staff my name and was given a form for each adult to complete. We queued for about 10 minutes and I went to the English speaking desk.

hotel Santa Fe Hotel

I was given our room key which I was told would automatically allow us in our room from 3pm, our official check in time. We were able to place our luggage in the luggage hold across from reception and get on with our day.

Next to reception was a meet and greet area and who should be visiting for half an hour but Mickey Mouse. My brother was so excited. We decided to jump in the queue and get Mickey to sign James and Sylvia’s autograph books as well as have some family photos.

James was so excited. James had global developmental delay and although he is an adult he was like a little kid, so so happy to meet Mickey Mouse. James and Mickey had cuddles and photos and then he could not stop smiling and talking about it. Everywhere we went James told strangers he had met Mickey Mouse.

hotel Santa Fe Hotel

We caught a shuttle bus from the Santa Fe Hotel to the Disneyland Bus Station. This took around 4-5 minutes and we were then at the Disney village and able to finally visit our dream destination Disneyland.

hotel Santa Fe Hotel

Staying at the Santa Fe hotel, we had booked a room. Our room was in the Lightening McQueen section and although it was a little run down inside, it was nice enough and comfortable.

We spent the day at Disneyland and returned to our hotel at 7pm. We had showers, using the special Mickey soap. You get a tiny bar of soap wrapped in a Disney wrapper and a small jar of shampoo and body wash. The jars are quite tiny and were not really enough for four people who had spent the day in the hot sun, but we had brought some of our own toiletries which was good.

The bathroom had a strong shower but there was a lot of mould on the ceiling, an awful lot and by the time I had finished my shower I was wheezing with asthma which is not normal.

I did love the theme of our room which is based on Disney Pixar Cars. There are some fun features, wallpaper borders, cone lights and a great themed mirror in the bathroom, however my initial impressions were that the room is a little run down and needs a bit of work doing, especially to the walls and in the bathroom area. The room is good enough and will do the job while we are here.

hotel Santa Fe Hotel

In the evening we had a buffet meal at La Cantina, The Santa Fe Hotel restaurant and I have to say it was brilliant. There was so much choice of food from starters and salads, soup and mains to delicious desserts. John and Sylvia has lasange, I had a piece of chicken, salmon and veg. My brother had pizza and chips and there was just so much to choose from it was crazy.

For dessert Sylvia had pancakes with chocolate sauce and cream and lots of fun confectionary. She loved it. Our meal was included in our package deal which was great. We have the option of around 6 different locations to eat our evening meal including restaurants in Disneyland. However we loved La Cantina and it was pretty amazing.

Had we paid cash the meal would have cost one hundred Euros for 3 adults and one child. The staff at the Santa Fe Hotel are really polite and helpful. The food is brilliant and the distance to the park is manageable.

The only let down would be the state of the room, I do need to be honest but that has not stopped us having an amazing first day and I plan to share more about the things we did in Disneyland on our first day!

Until then … have a magical day!

Angela x


  1. An honest read. However you need to complain about the room. Mould is not acceptable . Ask for a change of room. Please. For your health and your daughter. X

  2. I have never been to Disneyland before. Only Disney World. I would love to go to Disneyland sometime. My kids would love the Cars section of the hotel. They love Lightning McQueen. So cool you got to meet Mickey right off the bat. Your brother looks super happy! I would love Mickey soap all the time. I love shaped soap as it is. Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip! Make lots of memories!!

  3. That sounds like you all had so much fun. I love the desert and was born and raised in Arizona so this hotel would be perfect for me!

  4. I would definitely say something about the mold in the bathroom! That is problematic and needs to get resolved! I’m glad it didn’t have a major impact on your trip though!

  5. I have never stayed in a Disney property but you brought up some good points. Everything would be fine. From soap to food with a theme!

  6. Seems like you had fun and the details are what makes it special for the kids. I would definitely ask for a different room cause of the mould though.

  7. Your trip itenery sounds amazing. Just to echo what some of the people are saying on here with regards to mould! Please ask for a change of room this isn’t right.

    I know so many people that now suffer complications due to mould. Please be safe!

    It sounds like you’re enjoying yourself, mould aside. Is this a place that you think you’d continuous visit over and over again?

    1. We have sorted the issue and now are mould free. I think I would come back to the Santa Fe hotel in future as everything else is fabulous and it is a more reasonable priced hotel compared to some of the other Disney hotels. Yes I would come back – but I would bring my own soap/ toiletries and maybe a large towel.

  8. Do register a complaint because you are paying for it 🙂 … I hope you all have a lovely stay there and enjoy to the fullest 😀

  9. Hope you had magical moments in Disneyland and in this hotel although there were some difficulties.All these family pictures with Mickey Mouse are really nice.Good memories from the trip!

  10. Amazing! My 3-year old girl is a Mickey Mouse clubhouse lover and I am sure she will love this place. Polite staff is something very important for me but I am glad that you were greeted by good staff.

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful time an Disneyland. The Santa Fe hotel would have been nice except the cleanliness of the room. The housekeeper didn’t clean the bathroom it sounds like. Thanks for sharing your experiences

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