Sai Sun City Review

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My goal was to move my family to a more desirable location, preferably one that offered a broader choice of possibilities for comforts and conveniences from which we could pick and choose.

I got the understanding I had been looking for about Sai Sun City after doing a significant amount of research on the topic in question. Ultimately, I chose to migrate here because I was content with its outlet and the conveniences that are made accessible in this place. In other words, I am happy with both aspects of this location.

Sai Sun City Review
Sai Sun City Review

How Did I Get To Know About the Sai Sun City Project?

Because I was eager to get my family settled in our new home as soon as possible, I went through all of the commercial advertisements that were published in the newspaper and magazines to educate myself on the various options that were available to us and to determine which ones were the most suitable.

Following a substantial amount of research, I have concluded that the neighbourhood of Sai Sun City Review is the most suitable location for both my family and myself. I got in touch with the guy in charge of the situation, so I ended up purchasing a unit in this building.

Sai Sun City Price and Amenities I Adore

Sai Sun City apartments are your perfect home for life since they come with various facilities and excellent residences that can be purchased for costs ranging from 46 to 69 lakhs Indian rupees (INR). Mine was Rs. 55 lakhs. The following are just some of the numerous facilities it provides:

  • Surroundings are both aesthetically beautiful and functional, including a Central Plaza with melodic fountains, art installations, and sculptures.
  • Have a swimming pool, waterfalls, and lagoons, all close to one another.
  • Your children will adore this children’s play area, which has swings, rides with a theme, and various sports.
  • After a hard day’s work, unwind at one of the hotel’s on-site cafés, luxury lounges, or leisure zone.
  • A chit-chat area explicitly designated for older citizens, open-air seating areas, and gazebos explicitly designed for lounging and relaxing.

Three Reasons Why I Will Recommend Buying a Property at Sai Sun City

Location Advantages 

Sai Sun City is a haven for luxurious residences. It is ideally located close to the airport, the airport metro station, the railway station, and all of the significant information technology parks, educational hubs, and hospitals in the area.

Other significant locations are also close by. There are several reasons why you and your family will feel at home at Sai Sun City, including the following:

  • The Usatane Gaon bus station may be reached on foot in around 16 minutes.
  • The Taloja Railway Station and the Pendhar Metro Station can be reached in under ten minutes.
  • Within 15 minutes, one may get to the Corporate Park (Next BKC) location.
  • It will take 15 minutes to go to Central Park, the ISKCON Temple, and the Golf Course.
  • It would take you half an hour to reach Navi Mumbai International Airport.
  • Within four to six minutes, one may arrive at reputable hospitals such as Aashirwad Clinic and Sai Clinic, amongst others.
  • Only six to eight minutes away are a variety of educational institutions, including the Ajanta International School and the Imam Al-Khui University.


Allow the lifestyle of Sai Sun City to become an integral part of who you are, and allow luxury and relaxation to characterise the time before and after you go to work. After all, exceptional individuals such as yourself deserve the best living accommodations, and the Sai Sun City apartments in Taloja provide just that.

Reputed builder 

The Paradise Group is one of the most successful real estate development companies in the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai areas. Its goal is to build aesthetically pleasing and high-quality residences that will give both the affluent and the underprivileged a “heaven” on earth.

Paradise Group is a trendsetter builder committed to making the world a better place for everyone. They have completed over one hundred successful real estate projects and have over 12.5 million square feet of space now under development.

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I would surely recommend that you check NoBroker, before heading out to check the flats. 

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