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Today I am super excited to share with you the Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook. This is a fantastic piece of technology that you can write on, like paper and then scan and save. 

This Everlast Smart Notebook is something I was super excited to try out as I love to make notes and lists and being able to scan these and send them to my google drive has been so super useful. I hope you enjoy this review.

What Is The Rocketbook?

The Rocketbook is a notebook which you can write on using a FriXion pen. This fantastic notebook has plenty of pages, 36 in total which you can use for making notes, drawing and writing.

You can write directly onto the pages using your FriXion pen. The ink will dry and bond to the page within 15 seconds and your notes can then be scanned into your phone for easy storage.

You can send your notes to different locations for example, you may want to send notes to your Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox, Box and Slack. There are plenty of options and it’s super simple and easy to scan and send. 

The Rocketbook App

In order to scan your notes, lists and drawings from the pages of your everlast notebook you will need to download the Rocketbook App.

This is a simple process and you can either scan pages individually or do bundle scanning.

I had been looking for a note scanning system for some time and when I discovered this notebook I was so pleased. It does everything I need it to do, scanning notes quickly and effectively so I don’t have to type them up at a later date.

Great Uses For The Rocketbook

Personally I can see the Rocketbook being used by all our family members and so far we have all had a turn testing out this fantastic piece of notebook technology.

My husband is a clerk and attends meetings on a regular basis. He took the Rocketbook to his meetings and was able to scan notes directly to his phone, saving time and energy when he got home.

For myself, I made a bucket list of the things we wanted to do while on holiday in New Zealand. It was great to be able to write my ideas down and simply scan them either ease.

Sylvia our daughter has been using the notebook to draw pictures. During our flight to New Zealand, she had a lot of time on the plane and being able to draw pictures, scan them to her phone and then start again was a great activity for a long journey.

My nieces have also been testing out the Rocketbook whilst I’ve been visiting their home and they find it super interesting. In fact my sister is a Doctor and she is going to be purchasing her own Rocketbook as she said it will come in super handy at work for making notes as a doctor. 

Erasing Notes On Your Rocketbook

The cool thing about the Rocketbook is the technology and ability that the book has to erase notes. 

Whilst your writing won’t smudge or wipe away if you touch it, you can use a micro fibre towel with water to wipe the page and start over. This is fantastic for the environment and will save a lot of paper. 

Reducing waste is important to me and and having a Rocketbook means I don’t have to buy lots of notebooks anymore. I can simply clean the pages and start over. It also means if I make a mistake I can wipe that section clear and start over.

It’s important to make sure the pages dry before you begin writing in the Rocketbook again and to keep the notebook clean when not in use.

Rocketbook Handwriting Recognition

One of the great things about the Rocketbook is that you can use handwriting recognition to create magic with your handwritten text.

For example you can create smart titles and file names using hashtags . You can use the smart search to find handwritten text and you can even do a full text transcription via email. It really is pretty awesome and I am so impressed with this fantastic notebook.

Our Rocketbook Review

We only have one Rocketbook in our home, however I can see this being a product that both me and my husband would want for daily use.

This notebook would be great for me as a blogger for making notes, lists and keeping on top of my work load. It’s also going to be fantastic for John for his meetings.

I can see this being a great tool for university students too. I can imagine sitting in class making notes and then scanning it into my phone so I don’t have to carry lots of paper and books. This would have been so useful 15 years ago when I was studying to become a teacher.

It’s something I could buy my nephews for uni and I’m sure it would benefit them! 

Purchasing The Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook

I think the Rocketbook is also a great resource for many situations, from school to work, to note making in the home and I’m so pleased to have this prodigy to use in the home.

If you would like to purchase your own Rocketbook they are available from Amazon. They are quite a bit more expensive than a regular paper notebook but a great investment and a fabulous time saving tool. You don’t have to buy refills or get more books, you can simply scan, erase and reuse.

This is something I’m really pleased to own and would recommend for anyone looking for a simple but effective way to make note making fast and effective in a busy world.

*This product was gifted*