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Road Trip Tips That Are Perfect for the Whole Family

A road trip can be a lot of fun. It can also be frustrating and boring. If there’s enough frustration in the car, it can cause you to miss warning signs on the road, and you could find yourself in an accident with a negligent driver.

It’s important for the driver to be comfortable and focused behind the wheel, but it’s important that everyone else is comfortable and focused on safety too. From young children to grandma and grandpa, these tips will keep everyone occupied and comfortable when you’re on the road.

Set Ground Rules

Before you get in the car, it is important to set some ground rules with everyone who will be in the car. For the kids, passenger safety tips might include:

  • Everyone uses a seat belt
  • No yelling or screaming
  • Garbage goes in the garbage receptacle

You may also want to share rules that the driver will follow, which should include not texting or talking on the phone. It could be the front passenger’s job to control the radio and keep an eye on the GPS.

If you outline these rules before you begin your road trip, you will spend less time arguing about proper behavior in the car because everyone will already know the expectations.

Plan Your Stops

It’s normal for kids to ask, “Are we there yet?” many times on a road trip. It’s also normal for children to suddenly have to use the bathroom when they didn’t have to use the bathroom at the last stop.

You can reduce the occurrence of both of these behaviors by planning your stops ahead of time. Take a look at the map and decide which rest stops you’re going to stop at, which restaurants you’re going to eat at, and if there are any roadside attractions you’re going to check out. That way, they know exactly how much longer it will be until the next stop.

It’s also a good idea to make sure everyone tries to go to the bathroom when you make your stops. That way, you can reduce the number of impromptu stops you need to take. 

Dress Appropriately

You’re going to spend hours sitting in the car. The last thing you want to do is choose to wear something that may look good but isn’t very comfortable. When you’re hopping into the car for a road trip. Think pants with elastic waists and wear layers that can be pulled off if things get a little warm. Shoes that can be slipped on and off easily are also a good choice when you’re hanging out in the car.

Dress your little ones comfortably, and make sure your teen understands the importance of comfort. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean they have to give up on fashion. There are plenty of great road trip clothing choices that look good and will keep your teen comfortable.

Preload Technology With Entertainment

One of the very best ways to pass the time on a road trip is to watch movies and play video games. Just don’t rely on an internet connection to keep the family entertained.

There is still spotty service in some parts of the United States, especially if you find yourself in a rural area or you are driving through the mountains. Make sure you’re prepared, and save money on roaming and data charges, by preloading your technology with entertainment. 

Movies and shows on Netflix can be stored on a device and played back without the internet, while games can be downloaded and easily played offline. If you’re wanting to travel in style then you may want to hire a limo which is sure to have plenty of entertainment. Look up Limo Find for your best options. 

Bring Other Games to Play

Watching movies and playing video games will keep everyone entertained for a long time, but eventually, even the kids will want to peel their eyes away from the screen for a little while.

Be prepared to keep things fresh and interesting by bringing along some other road trip games that everyone can play together. A few ideas include:

  • License Plate Map
  • Road Sign Bingo
  • Conversation Starters
  • Mad Libs

Activity trays can be a great way to keep little ones entertained. For example, you could turn the tray into a racetrack for playing with cars, while a tray with a Lego pad can make building easier in the backseat.

Road trips can be long, and distracted, rowdy passengers can be dangerous. From dealing with bathroom breaks to keeping everyone entertained while you’re driving on the road, there are things you can do to make the whole family as happy and content as possible.