Ring Exchange Wording Examples for Your Special Moment

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A wedding is the most romantic and exciting day for the newlyweds. All eyes and ears are focused on the newlyweds, so the couple needs to think through how they look and what they say. In addition to the wedding vow, the newlyweds must pass another creativity test — writing ring exchange wording, a small statement in a couple of sentences for the ring ceremony. Let’s discuss it!

Ring Exchange Wording Examples for Your Special Moment

Are Ring Vows and Wedding Vows the Same Thing?

These are entirely different things. The wedding vow is the peak of the marriage ceremony, while the exchange of rings is its final stage. The wedding vow is more extended – you tell the story of your love, remember how it all began, and promise to take care of each other.

The ring exchange vow symbols are circled with a few sentences, and the wedding vow should not be repeated. These lines are dedicated exclusively to rings and their meaning for a couple. If you need help writing them, check out our ring exchange wording samples.

Ring Exchange Wording Tips

Writing a beautiful and short speech takes time and effort. Here are some tips on what to look for when working on your ring exchange wording.

  • Don’t write a long speech. Remember that you have already spoken about your love with your wedding oath. It’s time to draw the line.
  • Memorize the speech or ask the wedding planner to give you hints. Whether you read or recite your address at the ring ceremony, remember that your hands will be busy, so you must find the best option.
  • Remember to think about your partner’s speech. The short statement is not a wedding vow and does not have to conform to the wedding style or other criteria. The trick is that the words come from the heart.

Traditional Ring Exchange Wording Templates to Make Your Own

We bring to your attention the most traditional examples of ring statements. You can take them as a basis and write your own words or add a little character to these beautiful vows.

Take this ring as a symbol of my unending and genuine love for you.”

With this ring, I entrust my life to your tender hands and promise to love and support you for the rest of our days.”

“Accept this ring as a symbol of my love, fidelity, endless devotion, and gratitude to you, sweetheart. My love is infinite, and no one could love more and better than me.”

 “I value you, my love, and I invite you to wear this ring to symbolize my devotion and our unbreakable bond.”

“This ring symbolizes my endless commitment, love, and devotion to you.”

“By putting this beautiful ring on your finger, I realize my dream of marrying you. I promise to love and protect you so we can live forever.”

You can choose something less traditional:

“In front of the guests, I promise I will love you in sorrow and joy. Of course, I hope that there will be more joyful moments. With this ring, I promise to take you shopping every week and never forget our wedding anniversary.”

We hope these words and your wedding rings — the major vow symbols have inspired you. Now you have time to plan the rest of your wedding. After all, a wedding is always a hassle. Therefore, don’t waste time.

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