Choosing the Right Type of Condolence Flower

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Death and sorrow are situations we encounter without having any influence over them. Even though feelings of intense melancholy and loss sometimes overtake us, surrounding oneself with positive people and things can help lessen the discomfort. Flowers given as condolences can provide the bereaved with comfort and solace, a respectful way to remember loved ones who have passed away from this world.

In current times of social alienation, when attending a funeral may be discouraged, the simplest way to send a condolence flower is to choose an option that allows for all-day delivery services.

But the question is, what type of flowers to send for condolences? Let’s explore some of these in this post.

Top Choices for Funeral Flowers

The selection of flowers as an expression of sadness and sympathy at funerals takes on additional significance during times of loss and suffering. During these trying times, you may offer your love and support to their family, and a bouquet of sympathy flowers that have been thoughtfully picked can effectively communicate your sentiments.

A large selection of floral arrangements may be sent as a token of condolences available for purchase, each endowed with its unique allure and connotation. The appropriate flowers can provide comfort and relief to the hearts of those who are suffering. 

This is true whether those flowers are as simple and delicate as a single white lily and overflowing as a funeral wreath cascading over the deceased’s coffin. Here are some flowers you can send to your loved ones with their significant meanings.


Lilies, widely considered among the most popular flowers, are frequently used as the focal point of the traditional floral arrangements used for funeral wreaths. The lily is a potent emblem that conveys both hope and encouragement. It symbolises the spirit of the deceased.

White lilies are thought to represent the innocence and purity of the soul of the departed person who has lately passed away. Lilies are the ideal flower to bring to a funeral based on a particular faith or religion since they convey sympathy and respect for the deceased.

A peace lily plant, which looks like a lily flower, is said to symbolise the rebirth of a person’s soul from the physical world and moving on to a more prominent and peaceful place. The peace lily, offered as a potted plant, can provide comfort and support to a mourning loved one.

Daffodils and Tulips

Daffodils and tulips are sometimes ignored as funeral flowers. These convey a message of renewal, encouragement, and hope for the future. The yellow variants are brilliant and cheerful, so you must exercise sensitivity while delivering these flower types as a gesture of condolence.

These may be ideal flowers to represent new beginnings and flourishing if the grieving family is aware that their loved one is at peace and would want them to continue living their lives and achieving success even after their loss.

Daffodils and tulips inspire hope and reassure family members that they will make it through this difficult time and return to a place of joy. Additionally, it represents your support throughout this challenging path.


Orchids are the ideal method to convey your condolences and support while also conveying the message, “I will always love you,” which they mean. The majority of people going through the process of grief do not want to be showered with an excessive amount of affection or attention.

Sending a lovely arrangement of flowers with the message “I’m here for you when you need me” is a better option. Your support will still be addressed.

Orchids are a beautiful way to pay respect to the deceased and show how much you care about the person who has passed on by displaying them during the funeral. White and pink orchids are famous for symbolising sympathy and peace.

Gifting a potted orchid plant is another choice. The potted variety lasts longer than cut flowers, and your loved one can draw on the symbolic meaning of the flowers for support for a much more extended period following the funeral.

Forget-Me-Nots in Funeral Wreath Flowers

Forget-me-nots flowers during a funeral convey to the deceased the message that even though they are no longer here, they will never be forgotten. You can let the bereaved family know that the memory of their loved one will live on forever in your heart.

This funeral flower blooms in various colours, including the more typical white and pink, yellow and blue. Pick a colour that complements the person receiving it and works well with the message you are trying to send.


Roses are the kind of flower that most people associate with when they think of Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other pleasant occasions. Roses, however, are also known to signify enduring love and respect, making them an appropriate choice for floral wreaths used at funerals.

The meanings of pink roses are grace and gratitude, while the implications of white roses are purity, serenity, and innocence. White roses, like other white flowers, represent these ideas worldwide. The yellow roses are an appropriate way to honour the friendship you and the one who passed away previously shared.

In addition, the rare colour dark pink roses are meant to express gratitude to the deceased for all of the contributions they made in their life before passing away. Most funeral flower arrangements, such as wreaths, standing sprays, and casket sprays, include roses, among other types of flowers.

Final Thoughts

Flowers at a funeral can convey how sorry you are for losing a loved one when you cannot find the words to communicate your feelings adequately. There is a distinct and significant meaning associated with each flower.

If you can interpret the meanings of flowers, you will be able to make an appropriate and consoling message to the bereaved family and your family members. Condolence flowers allow you to pay tribute to the life and qualities of the deceased loved one.

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