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Revolut Junior A Digital Banking Alternative – A Collaboration

If you haven’t heard of Revolut then you’ll probably be interested in learning all about this popular global digital money app. Last month I signed up for my own Revolut Metal account and created a Revolut Junior account for my daughter Sylvia. 

Revolut has over 10 million users and today I’m excited to share with you our experience of the Premium Revolut Metal Account and Revolut Junior. This digital banking alternative is super easy and simple to use and one I would recommend. 

What Is Revolut? 

Revolut is a global financial app for everyday spending at home and abroad using a card, apple pay or google pay. Revolut can be used world wide and is fantastic as I can use the app on my phone and use my metal card to pay for purchases 

The Revolut app and card allows me to pay for everyday items whilst avoiding large fees. I can open multi currency accounts, use my Revolut card to take up to $600 a month from the ATM without fees, monitor my expenses and create a budget. 

Not only is Revolut easy to use, my Revolut Premium/Metal user account allows for unlimited currency exchanges, provides services such as travel insurance, offers 24/7 concierge and access to airport lounges. 

I was super excited to get my very own Revolut Metal card and my husband was a little jealous. In fact, he wanted to get one too and I’m not surprised with all the wonderful benefits of this digital banking option. 

What Is Revolut Junior?

In a nutshell Revolut Junior is a money app for kids. Parents with a Premium Revolut Metal account can create a Junior account for their children aged 7-17 years. 

With just a few clicks I was able to use the Revolut app to set up a Revolut Junior account for my 11 year old daughter Sylvia. I can now top up money onto my child’s account within seconds. 

My daughter has her own smartphone device and we were able to download the Revolut Junior App so she can track her own spending and check her balance whenever she needs to. 


The Advantages To The Revolut Junior Card

Now my daughter is in high school, things are beginning to change. Sylvia spends more time out and about with friends, she goes on school trips and visits the local store. My daughter loves to go shopping and having her very own Revolut Junior App and card means Sylvia can make payments and track her own spending whilst I monitor and control payment modes through security settings. 

The Revolut Card has been a great way to introduce my daughter to digital banking and offers peace of mind, knowing I can keep a close eye on spending whilst my child becomes more financially savvy and independent. 

Revolut Junior allows kids to learn good spending, earning and saving habits all under my supervision and that is one skill I want my daughter to develop. 


How Do You Get A Revolut Junior Card?

So how do you sign up to get a Revolut Junior card for your child?

First of you need to have your very own Premium Revolut Metal Account. Signing up for a Revolut Junior account is a super easy process. 

  1. Sign up to a Revolut premium/metal user account.
  2. Create a Junior account for your child with a few taps.
  3. Order your child’s Revolut Junior card.
  4. Top Up money on the Junior account.
  5. Download the Junior App on your child’s smartphone. 
  6. Allow your child to use their card whilst you track spending and control payment modes and security settings. 

Our Experience Using Revolut Junior 

Sylvia was super excited when I told her about her new Revolut Junior card. She was eager to earn some pocket money so she could test the card out and make her first purchase.

We visited a local store and my daughter used her card at the payment machine to purchase a doll she had been wanting to buy. I had to show Sylvia what to do and she found the process of making a payment simple and straightforward. 

Sylvia then went to another store with her dad to buy a few treats. This time she didn’t need any help. She was a natural and was able to use the card with ease.

Sylvia now keeps her Revolut Junior Card in her wallet and can use it for making payments as and when she needs to. 

The Benefits of Revolut Junior For Our Family

Revolut Junior has a number of benefits for both me and my daughter. 

Making pocket money cashless is really great. I no longer have to worry about having the right amount of cash on me when Sylvia earns spending money. As a busy parent it can be hard to keep track of pocket money and spending. Even more so for me as I suffer from chronic illness and it’s not always easy to visit a shop or ATM to withdraw money.

With Revolut Junior I don’t have to worry about this. I can manage money via the app whether I am at home or out and about. 

This digital banking alternative allows me to better monitor what I give my child as well as allowing me to monitor what she spends . Sylvia now has the opportunity to develop financial skills which are important for her future. 

I want my child to learn to budget, to spend wisely and to save and Revolut Junior can help me to teach these important skills to my daughter. 

I’m excited for upcoming features this year like having the ability to set a regular allowance which will help my child learn how to manage a regular income. 

I’m also excited about the vaults feature that helps kids to learn how to put money aside and save. I’ll be using the tasks feature so Sylvia can complete extra chores in the home to earn extra spending money.

Finally I am excited about the upcoming spend budgeting tracker which will help my child to learn how money is spent and make better decisions over time. 

Being a Revolut Customer

I have to say I was getting more and more frustrated with my previous banking methods and becoming a Premium Revolut Metal account holder has made life easier. I love that I can access my account on my iphone with ease. The Revolut app is so easy to use and I can send money to the account and see what I have spent and what I have really easily. 

I love the perks plus tab. This allows me to find offers to get discounts or cashback when making purchases for example, when booking a flight or a hotel stay. 

I do love my contactless metal Revolut card. It is made from stainless steel and is much stronger than a plastic card. I’m super pleased to have free medical insurance to cover emergencies whilst overseas along with the free travel delay insurance. 

The one thing I really like about my metal Revolut card is that I can earn cashback on every card payment and that money can be stored up in a vault. I can also add money to a savings vault and earn 1.35% interest across the year. 

I’m also impressed with the free disposable virtual card. You get a new card number each time you make a purchase and this protects against fraud and keeps online payments secure. 

Revolut In Our Future

I am super excited to use my Revolut account in the upcoming months. I’m pleased to have all the benefits of the metal account and even happier to be able to add my daughter to Revolut Junior. I am looking forward to using this account to better manage my finances to help create a budget and save more effectively. 

To take advantage of all Revolut has to offer, visit this link and sign up today!