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Review Products I Would like To Test Out

Well, today I wanted to write a fun blog post all about items and products I’d love to review. Writing reviews of toys, clothes, products and gadgets is something I really enjoy. I have to be honest reviews can be time-consuming. There is a lot more to writing a review than typing a few words.


I really enjoy the photography, especially when we take pictures of Sylvia wearing new outfits or playing with her new toys. Photography and editing is time-consuming. I also like to share relevant items on Instagram and Pinterest and need to create images which are pin-worthy and will attract those who are interested. love to see my family enjoying items we both need or would not be likely to afford if I were not a professional Blogger.

I love to see my family enjoying items we both need as well as things we simply would not be likely to afford if I were not a professional Blogger.

Ha Ha, I just said it……I am a pro blogger. Some people cringe when they hear that word but blogging in my job and I love it and I’m proud. I was once a professional secretary and then a professional teacher, now I am a professional blogger. Ha ha! It’s true. I am not ashamed.

I started off a few years ago reviewing our own items. Eventually, I began pitching and getting contacted by different brands and now we regularly review items on the blog. It’s something I do really enjoy.

So with that said I thought I’d share 20 items I’d love to review. So here goes.

1. Electric Toothbrush – I’ve never had one but would enjoy testing one out.

2. Bedroom Blinds – I’d like automatic blinds for Sylvia’s room

3. Kitchen Flooring – I’d love to test out some lino/flooring.

4. Computer – I would be interested in reviewing a new computer that Sylvia could use for homework.

5. Clarks Shoes – One of my favourite stores and the shoes are always top quality.

6. Dolls for Sylvia – Sylvia loves all sorts of dolls and they are always fun to review.

7. Bedding – Who would not want to review some fresh new bedding?

8. Washing Machine– I’d love to review a washing machine which is not noisy and spins the clothing properly.

9. Hair Extensions– I’d love hair extensions and this would be fun to test out

10. Leapfrog and Vtech toys. I am a huge fan of educational and interactive toys and would love to review such products.

11. Camera. Wouldn’t it be fab to review and test out a new camera? Now that would make my blogging day.

12. Hair Straighteners – This is one thing we’d love to test out! .

13. Lego – Sylvia would love some lego. It’s something we have never bought or had but I bet it would be fun to review.

14. Dog Fashion items– I would love to review dog clothing and do a photo shoot with our Bichons Yoda and Casper.

15. Dresses for Sylvia – I love dresses as does Sylvia and I’d love to review more dresses in the coming months and years.

16. Teeth Whitening Kit – I would be interested in reviewing a tooth whitening kit. I think I’d benefit from this should the opportunity arise.

17. A Sofa – I would love to review a new Sofa. All my sofas have always been second hand so that would be fun.

18. Sliding Wardrobe – I’d like to review a wardrobe. Especially one we could put in Sylvia’s room as she has lots of clothes and nowhere to put them.

19. Dining Table Set– A dining table would be an awesome item to review. Especially a wooden one big enough for a family meal.

20. Kitchenware – I like to test out kitchen products and would love the chance to review Kitchen and dinnerwear. That would be super cool.

Well, these are items which I would love to review on the blog. What do think? Are there any items on here you would like to test out? I wonder what opportunities and work will come my way this year.

Angela x