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How To Reuse Old Furniture For A New Purpose

Do you have old furniture that you have meant to throw away for some time? It can be difficult trying to dispose of furniture, especially if it is big and bulky. Maybe you do not have to throw it away after all? Why not consider keeping it and transforming it into something else?

Here are some top tips on furniture you can give a makeover and give them a new lease of life.


Change the location

If you have a bookcase or a table, maybe it could have a new use in another part of the house? A cabinet can be turned into a linen holder in the bathroom or maybe a storage shelf in the garage. You can always paint it to match the room’s décor and add new handles or other details.

Inside or Outside?

Just because a piece of furniture used to live inside, doesn’t mean it cannot move outside. That old table you do not want in the hall anymore might just be the thing you need on the decking outside during the warmer months. It might need painting to protect it from the elements, but it can still be useful.

You could also use that old single bed and turn it into a day bed outside on the patio. With some light foam covered in water-resistant material for a cushion, you can lay back and enjoy those hazy summer days. You can reshape the furniture to fit into any area, and if you don’t feel happy doing it yourself, you can find local tradesmen to help you.

Quick Change

Sometimes, just changing a little thing on a piece of furniture can make all the difference. Maybe you have a nightstand that you do not want in the bedroom anymore. Why not fit a new top and put some casters on the feet to create an island for the kitchen? To make it match the room, you can always paint it as well.

Cover up

Instead of throwing out your old sofa or chairs, why not make covers for them and use them in the conservatory? If you make them yourself, you can choose exactly how you want them to look. You can even add some scatter cushions to give them a little extra something.

Blend it in

If you are having a makeover of a room, you might think that there is a piece of furniture that just doesn’t fit with your new décor. Why not consider repainting or refinishing it to match your room? Then you do not have to throw it out, and you can keep its original function. If you do not want to strip it with chemicals, some paints can recreate a woodgrain finish or a marbled effect.

These are a few of the many ways you can transform your tired old furniture into something fresh and new. The only limits are your imagination, and there are many ideas on sites such as of other people’s creations to give you inspiration.