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How to remove grass stains from your child's clothing ?

How to remove grass stains from your child’s clothing?

Last week I heard that I could remove stubborn grass stains with washing up liquid. This was perfect timing because Sylvia had worn one of her best pairs of trousers – Pumpkin Patch trousers from New Zealand to watch her cousin play football in Barnsley and she had gotten them rather dirty!

When we got home, I decided to test out the washing up liquid theory! First I poured washing up liquid onto the knees of the trousers and rubbed it in with my fingers. I then placed the trousers into the washing machine. (Bearing in mind, we usually don’t have major stains like this to deal with) I was following the instructions I had been advised, put the usual washing powder into the machine and turned it on.

removing stains

Once the trousers came out of the wash, they were hung to dry. I came to take a look and I must admit, the majority of the dirt and stains were gone. There was however still a tinge of green on the trousers. I’m not sure what i’ll do next to try and remove the green stain further but the washing liquid did help to reduce the stain significantly.

I was wondering what everyone else does to remove grass stains I just don’t usually have to deal with this having a daughter who plays indoors a lot and is not usually into football or contact sports. I have tried everyday stain remover but this has only removed the top layer of dirt and not the deep stains. I’m yet to find the perfect stain remover.

removing  stainsIf I had to give the washing up liquid method a score out of ten I think i’d give it a six. I hope I can get the rest of the stain out. I could spend hours googling what to do but I thought i’d ask here on the blog. What do you do?

How do you get deep stains out of your clothing? Have you ever used washing up liquid? I’d love to here!


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  1. The best thing I’ve found for stain removal is Vanish, but the bar not the in wash one. It gets anything and everything out. It might not be so effective now the trousers have already been washed though as it is a pre-wash treatment but still worth a try!
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