Teaching Children About World War Two

Remembering The Past With Chorley Pals

Last year Sylvia, John and I went to the Chorley Pals Memorial Exhibition on the Astley Hall complex near our home. We had a fantastic visit and were able to spend time thinking and learning about those who gave their lives for us during the great wars.

Astley Park Chorley

We have lived in the area now for three years and I really wanted my daughter to learn more about the soldiers who died and fought in the wars. We have a number family members who died in world war one and Sylvia’s late Grandfather David Milnes was in the military.

Astley Park Chorley

Also during World War two, my great grandfather Captain Francis Bottoms played a large role in the war.Β During world war two, Francis’s duty was to save aircrew who had been shot down in the water. Francis saved over 200 lives.

Astley Park Chorley

After the war he was given a MBE Member of the British Empire Medal for bravery. He went out in rough conditions and against orders saved the lives of some people who otherwise would have died. He also got the North atlantic star and the North sea star for serving in those locations.

Astley Park Chorley

Francis went to meet King George 6th with his wife and two sons. He only had two tickets and my grandpa was supposed to stay outside the palace but then they arrived at Buckingham Palace, the police officer asked who grandpa was and Francis said he was his son and so my grandfather David Bottoms got to meet King George too.

chorley pals memorial

Going to the Chorley Pals Memorial Exhibition was really fun. We were able to try on soldiers hats and see what it would have been like for those at war. Sylvia especially loved seeing the medical section. That would make sense as I have health issues and Sylvia is a caring child.

Astley Park Chorley

John enjoyed seeing the different weapons and guns. He found that really interesting and the trip reminded me of when I was younger and visited a war memorial site as a child.

Astley Park Chorley

Visiting the Exhibition was lovely and a great experience. There is so much value in teaching our children about the past and about War. I’m looking forward to taking Sylvia to the library and we are going to take books out about the war to learn more together.

Astley Park Chorley

The Chorley Pals Memorial commemorates and remembers the 1914 C Company, 7th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment through to the Y company of the 11th Service Battalion Accrington East Lancashire Regiment. Many died at the Battle of the Somme and in other locations and it’s important for us as a community and nation to remember this.

Astley Park Chorley

We did have a fantastic visit. The exhibition is free but your able to give a small donation when visiting if you wish.

Angela x

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Teaching Children About World War Two


  1. I think it’s lovely to have history memories from your family. I would love nothing more than to sit with my Grandad now i’m the age I am and ask him all about his stories from his past and being in the RAF. I do know bits and pieces but I am now at an age where I have loads I could ask him.
    It looks like you had a lovely day.

    1. Oh I bet! I talk to my grandpa about his childhood and times when the war was happening and learn so much. His first banana was after world war two!

  2. What a great place to go and learn. I think its important to learn about the war and the past and I also had people in my family who have been in the milatary.

  3. I live quite close to Chorley and as a history loving family this is a great place to go! Definitely will go on our outing there soon. πŸ™‚

  4. WOW! You must be so proud of your Great-Grandfather, that’s amazing. I love teaching my kids about history and when you can link it to your own family I think it makes it easier for them to remember.

    1. Thanks Stevie. We are pleased to have stories we can learn about our own ancestors and family and It is great to learn more about history.

  5. Sounds like you had a really interesting visit & when you have a personal connection it means so much more. Mr M comes from a military family so I know he’d love to take Mini M to this when’s he’s a little older

  6. Oh i think it is so important to give children a foundation in history, especially when relatives were involved. My Grandad is forever telling the boys and i stories about his time serving in Germany and Hong Kong. I find it fascinating so this kind of exhibition would definitely appeal to me.x

  7. I think is an amazing place to take your children to get an insight even they don’t really understand it is super cool. I think it is great that it is free and I always make donations to the cause πŸ™‚ x

  8. Good for you for taking her to learn all about her granddads history. That’s lovely to be able to do that. The pictures are lovely. She’s looking very grown up lately x

  9. Such a lovely history and an amazing connection for you too. It sounds like a really fun day out. I love history and really enjoyed learning about our countries past at school. It’ll be really good to go to the library and get some more books to further her learning on it now she’s seen the museum x

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