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At the start of the year, my husband and I set a goal to make several home improvements and to find ways to save money and energy in the home. I suffer from chronic illness and, as a result, I spend 80% of my time in the home.

Being at home so often, has motivated me to to do all I can to create a peaceful, warm and relaxing environment. Last week, we moved one step closer to our goal by installing Radbot smart radiator thermostats. I’m excited to share our experience with you and show how they are helping us to save up to 30% on our heating bills.

radbot thermostat

What Is Radbot?

Radbot is a smart radiator thermostat that heats each room in the home only when you need it. They can easily be installed to any gas or oil central heating system that uses radiators.

Whether you’re looking to be more energy-efficient in the home, day care centre or office, Radbot is a great option for heating rooms only when the room is in use.

With a normal thermostatic radiator valve (TRV), you set the valve to the temperature you’d like your room to be. The valve then changes the flow of hot water to the radiator until it reaches the desired temperature.

TRVs usually have a numbered scale around the top which you change by hand, however, Radbot works independently, so you can just screw it in place and allow it to work on its own.

Radbot Product Features

Radbot has the following product features-:

  • Compatibility – Radbot works with any heating system that has a TRV.
  • Comfort – If you’re feeling cold, Radbot has a handy boost button to provide 30 minutes of extra heat.
  • Zonal Control – Radbot will control the heating individually in each room to prevent overheating.
  • Protection – Radbot has a built-in frost and humidity detection capability to protect the home from frozen pipes and water leaks.
  • Security – This is a safe, simple and secure piece of technology.

radbot thermostat

How Many Radbots Do I Need?

We were sent four Radbots to install in our home. It is recommended that you install around 4-5 Radbots in the home to help reduce the amount of energy being used. To maximise energy efficiency, it is also recommended that you install your Radbot thermostats in the busiest rooms in your house.

We installed our Radbots into our living room, the dining room/office area (where my husband spends a lot of time working) and in the two main bedrooms.

Radbot will monitor changes in light, which it uses to build an occupancy pattern of a room, and it also learns how long it takes to heat the room in order to optimise comfort and energy savings. This helps Radbot to heat each room only when needed. Radbot also learns how long it takes to heat the room in order to optimise comfort and energy savings.

How Much Does Radbot Cost? 

An individual Radbot thermostat retails for £64.99. You can get a 25% discount when purchasing a set of four Radbots reducing the cost down to £48.74 per Radbot.

An average household can save up to £180 per year in energy by using this smart thermostat, making Radbot a great investment which will pay for itself within the first year of purchase.

If you would like to purchase your very own family of Radbots, I do have a fantastic special offer where you can get 25% off the retail price.

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How to Install Radbot

Now, this is the great part. I was a little worried wondering how easy or difficult it might be for us to install our new Radbot thermostats to the radiators in our home. The installation process was super easy!

All we had to do was screw the Radbot onto the radiator. We did not need to hire a plumber, engineer or use specialist equipment. The process was really simple and the instructions were easy to follow. Radbot is designed for both homeowners and renters. We rent our property and it’s great to know if we had to move on, we would be able to take our Radbots with us.

I was really pleased with the easy installation process. Large physical tasks can burn me out really fast and having a Radbot that attached to the radiator with ease meant I was able to install each thermostat without becoming unwell or having too much stress.

A simple Installation process helped prevent unnecessary stress, something I don’t need with my Adrenal Insufficiency. The Radbot certainly makes controlling the heating in the home easier and that’s one less thing I have to worry about, which is fantastic.

radbot thermostat

My Thoughts on Radbot 

The Radbot has a two-year warranty which is really good. Our Radbots were delivered to our home super-fast, were easy to install and are now working as intended to help make our home more energy efficient.

As a Mother with serious health issues, having Radbots can make life easier and give me peace of mind. I don’t have to worry about wasting money and heat and can feel content knowing the heating will be optimised in the home. That’s one less thing to worry about and is fantastic for the family.

I love that we could set these thermostats up and not have to worry. I do like that there is a boost button for extra heat if required. I only needed to use it once in the first week, as I was feeling chilly and the Radbot worked a treat warming the room super fast. I also like the smart capabilities as well as the design and look of the thermostats.

I think Radbot is a good investment for our home and I am looking forward to monitoring the savings we make in the coming months and years.

radbot thermostat

*This is a collaborative post and we were sent the Radbots for the purpose of review*