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The Red And White Polka Dot Kitchen Ideas

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Since getting my new Kitchen Blind, I have been thinking about themed Kitchens. We have a fox themed blind and so I am on the lookout for items which may just fit in with that theme.

kitchen blinds

Today on the blog however, I am sharing some lovely red and white polka dot kitchen ideas. I hope you like them.

Have you have had a polka dot kitchen item? We sure have. I had polka dot oven mits and have red dotty glasses. I quite like dots. How about you? I think they are on point! Mind the pun! 

Polka Dot Kitchen Accessories

polka dot kitchen items

Isaac Mizrahi Polkadot Porcelain Dinnerware

Every Gourmet Polka Dot Scrub Brush

Red and white polka dot kitchen spatula

Premium Salt and Pepper Grinder/Shaker Set

Cotton Quilted Polka Dot Oven Mitts

Red and white polka dot kitchen mittens

Red and White polka Dot Window Valance

Pillow Perfect Indoor Outdoor Tufted Seat Cushions

Brun 16-Piece Tortolla Cutlery Set with Polka Dot Handles

Brownlow Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set (Red and White Polka Dot Buddies)

Red and white polka dot spatula

Nicola Spring Ceramic Polka Dot Cupboard Drawer Knobs

Fun Polka Dot Bowl and Plate Set (4-Piece)

Red and white polka dot kitchen items

Maxwell and Williams Sprinkle Teapot (40.5-Ounce)

Red and white polka dot teapot

Kids Real Baking Set with Personalized Red & White Polka Dot Apron


So which is your favourite polka dot kitchen accessory? I love the brush head. It is super cute but then I also like the oven mits. I’ll be looking for some more fun and exciting kitchen trends in the coming weeks. 

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Rainbow Kitchen

For more awesome ideas here on The Inspiration Edit, check out our family and lifestyle categories. We love to share all the weird and wonderful things that we do here in the home and share the fantastic finds and products we get for the home. It’s super fun to improve the home and is something I have always enjoyed doing and writing about here on my blog! 

What do you think? Let me know? I’d love to hear your thoughts on home improvements, on making the kitchen nice and how you would do this!