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Red Scarf and Hat My Sunday Style

This week for My Sunday Style we have Sylvia modelling her red and white polkadot scarf , her wooly red gloves and a very cool looking winter hat with a big red pom pom on the top.

Sylvia has been enjoying trying on new outfits which came in a large suitcase of hand me downs from my aunty. We had a fashion show and my husband took some lovely photos.

I did say last week and I’ll say it again. I love it that both Sylvia and I can enjoy wearing lovely new items which although are not new from the store, they are new to us and in good condition.

One thing that I’ve found to be really handy as a mother is for my child to have more than one pair of hat, scarf and gloves, especially when it snows.

These items can get wet so quickly and its great to be able to throw on a second pair without worrying whether they have dried out yet or not.

When thinking about this new series which I’ve called My Sunday Style, I did think of two alternative names. I was thinking Sylvia’s Style but I was not sure that would rank very high with SEO. 

I also thought of calling it Thrifty Days as we plan to model a lot of second hand and hand me down items.

However as thrifty as we are, we do get some lovely new items now and again from stores and I do hope to get new items for Sylvia to model and review in the future so if we called it thrifty, that might not quite match.

Next year we have a lot of Pyjama Fashion to share as well as lot some cute outfits and hopefully we will get some lovely items to review as well as time goes by.

I hope you enjoyed this post and we will be back again in January to kick off My Sunday Style for 2016.