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Red Nose Day The Portrait Project

Well yesterday was Red Nose Day and Sylvia and I were sent some lovely items to try out. I received a t-shirt and an apron which were pretty cool. We popped into the garden for a few photos. I’m really proud of my daughter. She had been working and earning money to buy red noses. She earned 4 in total and I did not quite know why she needed four.

red nose day

Well as it turns out, Sylvia wanted to wear one on her nose and stick two at the end of her hair. So I was happy for that. She looked pretty cool. I asked her why she needed a fourth red nose and she said she wanted to loan one to a friend who did not have the money to buy one herself.

red nose day

I thought this was so sweet and kind and thoughtful and was really pleased with my daughter for being so thoughtful. I think teaching kindness and charity to children is an important thing and red nose day is a great opportunity to do this. Did you get a chance to support red nose day this year?

red nose day

Charity Never Faileth!

Angela x