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Rebranding My Blog And Welcome To The Inspiration Edit

Well, I’d like to begin by saying welcome to my new and rebranded blog

The Inspiration Edit

Live as of the 5th October 2016

I first began my blogging Journey in January 2015 when I was desperately unhappy and miserable due to chronic illness. I wanted a positive space to share my story and experiences and I called my blog Days In Bed. The name was catchy and unique and to be honest I began to build a following of lovely readers both parents and individuals with and without chronic illness.

rebranding my blog

The more I blogged the more I learned about myself as a writer and blogger and content creator. My journey over the past 22 months has been amazing. I’ve learnt so much, figured out who I am, grown in confidence and self esteem and I even managed to scoop the Mumpreneur UK Award for best voice last year. That was amazing!

I’ve battled my health problems and although I am still very unwell on a daily basis, my quality of life has improved and I can do more in the home. I still do spend days in bed but I also manage to get out and about sometimes for a few hours at a time and I love to go on adventures with my family when I am able.

Over the past four months I have seriously considered changing the direction of my blogging journey including creating a new blog name. I was scared. I put in 22 months of hard work into Days In Bed and I’ve been really afraid to to brave the change of a new domain.

I’m known as Daysinbed. This is what the PR people know me as, I have built a DA. My tots score is 57 this month, my best ever and I am ranked 20 on the Home and Interior Hibs Boards. Changing blog names inevitably means I lose my ranks and my scores. I will lose page views and even miss out on wonderful opportunities as I regrow my Domain Authority which is now back to 1.

Making this switch was not an easy decision but one I’ve been thinking about since attending BritMums back in June. I finally decided to face my fears and Just Do It!

This is something I needed to do. I don’t want to be primarily known as “The sick Mother” anymore. Yes Adrenal Insufficiency and chronic illness will always effect me and inform my experiences and I will still share about that on The Inspiration Edit, however I have so much more to give. I am not just “Chronically unwell”. I’m a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter. I’m talented and skilled, I do go out from time to time and enjoy myself. I have days in and out of bed. I’m a qualified teacher and have passions including kids fashion, family fun and dogs.

I wanted my new name to reflect my family’s lifestyle and to be a place where I can share inspirational ideas, thoughts, reviews and experiences. I have goals and ideas I want to implement over the coming years and I want to build a brand- Β An Inspirational Brand.

I’ve written almost 100 posts on Adrenal Insufficiency and whilst I will always champion the raising of awareness of my illness, I feel I’ve exhausted this and want to move onto greater and better things.

Having a blog called Days In Bed was stopping me from building the following I wanted. It was confusing people a little and I felt torn between health and family lifestyle. The domain name no longer matched my vision as a blogger. Rebranding will give me more flexibility to write and I think my new name will give me the scope to move in whatever direction I please.

So, after much thought and discussion, I came up with The Inspiration Edit. This is my new name, the brand I hope will grow into something amazing, a blog which will help and inspire others and share brilliant content. This is my dream and I’m risking it. I’m going for it and taking a giant leap of faith.

I hope you can continue to join me on my Journey as a professional blogger.

Angela x