5 Common Reasons Your Home Has Leaking Pipes

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Do you have leaking pipes? Here’s why!

As a resident, it is extremely vital for us to understand and mitigate the damage that can be caused by leaks. Leaking in-home pipes is a very common issue that homeowners face and these can be actually disastrous.

In fact, leaking of water pipes is one of the main causes of uncontrolled water escapes at home. And you can well understand that if it is not dealt with immediately, it can result in some serious damage to your property or around it.

The biggest problem is, you actually cannot see the piping framework of your home. So, leaks are not always visible naturally. There is a possibility of fixing the leak at home. But if this becomes very frequent, you should know when to call in the professional plumbers.

However, one thing that you can do is, study and learn why you have leaking pipes, how they are caused and what the actual reasons are behind them. According to most experts, these are the most common reasons for leaking pipes in homes.

leaking pipes

1. Leaks Caused by Line Clogging

While a clog may not appear to be a serious problem, it can result in overflowing or even burst pipes. As a result, pressure builds up behind the blockage, posing a risk of structural damage.

Furthermore, if a clog contains corrosive compounds such as home chemicals, it might hasten the deterioration of your pipes. Installing hair traps and keeping track of what goes down the drain can help prevent blockages in your pipes.

Blockages in air handler drains can also be a serious cause of the leaking of water pipes. To prevent this, make sure to have your gutter drain and your HVAC systems professionally cleaned at least once a month

2. Corrosion Can Cause Leaking Pipes

With the passing of time, pipelines become older and the constant flow of water in them results in rusting.

Now, this is something that you cannot prevent and is rusting and other types of corrosion are not tended to within time, it can often lead to the leakage of pipelines and maybe even bursting, which is really dangerous!

Changing pipes may not be possible frequently, but the least that can be done is to provide proper maintenance. If rusting occurs in your pipes, don’t leave them unattended and make sure the pipes are healthy as soon as possible.

3. Pipe Joints That Have Been Damaged

The pipe joints are the most vulnerable areas of a pipeline system. Leakages here are very common and if not repaired, they can lead to huge water loss. Joints are made up of separate curved parts that connect to straight pipes on either side to reroute water around your home.

As time passes, excessive water pressure in the pipes and unusually high temperatures can cause heavy wear and tear in these joints. If you hear some strange ticking or something like that, there is a possibility that you are facing pipeline issues.

4. Plumbing Appliance Cracks

This has often been seen, that if there is a leakage in your pipelines, your appliances may start developing cracks on their surface.

This usually happens as a result of a physical impact and when excessive pressure is applied on it repeatedly. It can also happen behind closed doors as a result of goods being pushed into the cupboard repeatedly.

If you discover any damage to a fixture or its surrounding pipes, you should call a plumber right once to get it checked out, which can otherwise lead to something huge.

5. High Water Pressure Can Cause Leaking Pipes

Everyone wants a good flow of water in a household. But sometimes, the water flowing in the pipes exert excessive pressure on the pipelines and as a result, the pipelines start developing cracks and leaks.

Improper pressure can also cause pipelines to burst in extreme circumstances. Water pressure of 60 psi is the maximum that most pipes and faucets can endure.

So, if you are worried about the water pressure, call out a professional plumber and let them check out the matter and make the necessary adjustments.

Over to You…

Plumbing is one of the most crucial aspects of a residence. You cannot actually survive without a strong HVAC system in your house.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that every aspect of your residence is without any damages, and that includes plumbing. If you see any indications of these above circumstances, it is possible that a leak is present.

If your problem is still not solved, contact Reece Plumbing now as they have highly trained experts and might be the answer to your prayer.

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