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The Reality Of Taking Child Photos As A Blogger

One thing I love more than anything about blogging is the opportunity I have to take photos, collect precious memories and share lovely pictures of my daughter. In fact I often get a lot of comments about how beautiful she is and how Sylvia is always smiling and happy.

Hello canvas wooden photo

Whilst my daughter is very beautiful and gorgeous to me and makes lovely photos. The harsh reality is taking photos of your child is not as simple or easy as it looks.

Seriously. For every “good shot” there is a multitude of “bad shots”, “blurred shots”, “funny shots” and so forth. I choose the smily shots to share on Instagram, and often use happy, smiling photos, however I do like to share the funny and the not so “perfect” from time to time.

Taking photos of kids is never easy. Sometimes my daughter does not want a picture taken and so we never force her. Other times she is happy to smile and pose. I think it all depends on her mood, what she is doing, the theme or product she has and whether she wants her picture taking.

My husband and I are very selective. We only take photos when Sylvia really wants to and sometimes not one picture turns out how we anticipated. Other times we get a gem which we love. In fact I have a few favourites and when Hello Canvas contacted me to review their Photo on Wood Canvas, I jumped at the chance to have one of my favourite images sent to us.

Hello Canvas Wooden Portrait

Hello Canvas have lots of different Canvas types including the Wooden Canvas. You can order this with the wood horizontal or vertical. I chose to have the picture of Sylvia and Casper on a rectangular wooden canvas. The size of the canvas is 24 x 36 Inch.

Hello Canvas Wooden Portrait

I was so impressed with the Canvas when it arrived. It looks fabulous and is gorgeous. The quality is great and the canvas came packaged really well. We attempted to take a few pictures of Sylvia next to her new Canvas and we had a very normal photo session with dancing, jigging, pulling her tongue out and crossing her eyes.

Hello Canvas Wooden Portrait

Rather than ask Sylvia to sit and smile, I thought I’d share the true Sylvia, the pictures we often don’t share or see. She sure does have a fun personality and whilst I love the beautiful smiling portrait shots, here are a few reality shots. I’m sure all parents can relate.

Hello Canvas Wooden Portrait

So, We have a beautiful new canvas which I am thrilled with and we have some funny shots which will bring happy memories each time I look at them. No child is going to sit and pose and smile perfectly for every photo and certainly not a bloggers child.

Hello Canvas Wooden Portrait

That’s the reality of taking images when your a blogger or parent for that matter.

Angela x

*We were sent this Canvas for the purpose of review. All comments are honest and my own opinion.