Top Real Estate Agents Marketing Strategies

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In the world of marketing strategies keep on changing at a high speed. If you want to reach more people with your services, you must know which strategies to employ. There are several ways you can market your real estate business. Here are the channels you can use for marketing.

real estate marketing strategies

Digital Marketing

Billions of people around the world have become digitalized. It is now easy to get information from your mobile phone or your computer. Most people will first search the internet for real estate agents close to them before contacting any. To enhance your real estate marketing strategies, explore this extensive range of real estate print products that can elevate your promotional efforts and make a lasting impact on potential clients.

The digital space provides you with many ways you can use to get your target clients. It is advisable to make use of several platforms on the internet, to market your product hence increasing your number of customers. Place your rental property on a site such as Rentola and look for niche platforms to promote your business.

Google My Business

The first place you will want to have your business listed is on Google My Business. It is easy and free to set up. Google will send your codes to you to verify your profile. It takes less than a week to receive them. After that, you can add more information about your agency and properties on sale.

With GMB you will be able to monitor your business progress by use of another google platform. Google Analytics will show you how many people have visited your website and from where. This will help you to know where to put more effort.

Another advantage is being easily found. Google algorithm has been set in a way that whoever searches from your locality will have your business pop up first on their screen. Also, GMB allows for clients to leave you their reviews which will help you know what you are doing right and where you need to improve.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the advert text that appears below what you were searching for. When someone types keywords that are similar to the ones you’ve used, a text about your business will appear hence making them aware of your business.

Google Video Advert

YouTube has billions of users from around the world and is a good platform for you to put up an adverting video. The video can be played before, during, or after the main video. A video gives more information within a very short time. It also engages different senses and is suitable for people with hearing impairment.

Google Showcase Shopping

It is characterized by a display of different properties that you have on sale. Clients have a variety to choose from plus the location of the property is shown.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook adverts have proven to generate huge sales. However, its algorithms are different from those of Google. Therefore, you have to know your target audience and also what kind of Facebook marketing strategy to make use of.

Instagram Advertising

According to Facebook research in 2019, 65% of users visited the business website after viewing the advert on Instagram, and 46% proceeded to make a purchase. Instagram will help you build your brand because many people see it.

Just like Facebook, it allows you to interact with your client. Your clients’ questions are answered, and you get reviews from people that have already bought from you.

Word of Mouth Advertising

This refers to when a client’s experience with your service and property comes up in their conversations often. The whole deal depends on how you will handle your customer when they come to you. 

Apart from having great properties, your customer care services play a big role in determining whether or not they will buy from you and what they will tell others out there.

Birthday Cards and Gifts

When a client has bought from you, it is a good gesture to keep in touch with them by wishing them a happy birthday either through cards, emails, or a text message on their phones. By doing so you will be reminding the clients about your business.

Be Part of a Community Charity

Community charity can make or break your company. People are not stupid, they can tell a clear difference between the company that cares about the issues that affect them and those trying to build their brand.

Instead of writing checks for charity, you can go a step further and be present at the I location. Mingle with people and get to know them. They will see that you are a person that cares about them and in turn, they will care about what you do. Their positive attitude towards you will help build your brand.

Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

In the chamber of commerce, you will meet another business owner from your locality. You will have an opportunity to get mentors in real estate and business generally. Also, you will create connections with other real estate agents. Many small businesses grow by involving themselves with chambers.

Sending Postcards

Real estate postcards might seem like an outdated method of advertisement because of the growth of internet advertisements. But that is not the case. Postcard printing has been proved to generate sales and create awareness for companies. 

In addition, this method of advertising has many advantages.


They are easy to design and saves you on printing, envelopes, and address labels. They are cheaper to send compared to letters. You will only use a little amount of money to purchase. They are cheaper when bought in bulk.


You can tailor your postcards to a certain group of people or a certain area. You can do simple research and find out which people are looking to buy the property and concentrate on making them your customers via postcards.


You can customize your postcards and make them appealing to the eyes of the customer. By using bright matching colors, beautiful font style, and font size, you increase the likelihood of your recipient reading the postcard.

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