5 Things of Mohammed Bin Rashid City Real Estate Buyers Benefit From

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The robust economic situation in the UAE remains stable irrespective of the world`s situation. The exchange rate of the local currency practically does not fluctuate against the U.S. dollar. This creates favorable conditions for safe financial investments in real estate.

The demand for the best Arabian real estate is always consistently high, which makes it highly liquid. You can sell it at any time without unnecessary losses. Houses and villas in Mohammed Bin Rashid City provide great opportunity to own property without incurring unnecessary costs. If you rent out residential property, you can make a decent profit. 

Real Estate Buyers Benefit From

A few words about MBR City 

The neighborhood encompasses more than 54 million square feet of valuable land. MBR City can be called one of the most developed mixed-use neighborhoods in Dubai. It is envisioned as a new fully integrated city in Dubai that would provide a successful implementation of luxurious urban living, with its major components. 

A total of 26,400 residential units are planned for construction in MBR City. The well-developed transportation system connects MBR City with popular destinations in Dubai. 

5 benefits of MBR City for investors and expats 

There are 5 most important benefits the neighborhood can offer to investors and expats. Let`s discuss them below.

  1. Political neutrality. 
  2. Minimal risks.
  3. Getting a residence permit.
  4. Comfortable living conditions. 
  5. Stable demand on rental real estate.

Political Neutrality

The political situation in the country entirely reflects the lack of public influence on what is happening in the country. For example, there are no parties or political associations in the UAE, nor are there any opposition branches of government. They are replaced by chambers of commerce and other specialized business bodies. 

For this reason, foreign investors decide to buy real estate in MBR City. They obtain tax optimization, business security, absence of sanctions and corruption, resident visa after company registration, and leading innovation. On the other hand, the Emirates get new investments and a constantly growing economy.

Minimal Risks

Another reason for the popularity of investing in real estate in MBR City is the state control of transactions and the minimum amount of risks for buyers and sellers. Every real estate transaction in the UAE is carried out exclusively through agencies accredited by the Dubai Land Department. All contracts of sale are subject to state registration and are standardized.

Moreover, the buyers obtain full ownership of the purchased property. The owner may freely dispose of the property – to rent, sell, transfer by inheritance or donate.

Getting Residence Permit

There are several conditions for issuing a residence visa for investors in the sector of real estate.

  • The property must be worth at least $205,000. The cost is calculated for one person or family.
  • Getting a visa is even possible if you buy a house on credit, if 50% of the amount is paid.
  • Submission of the property into service and the official execution of all necessary documents, as well as registration in the Department of Land.
  • The conformity of the area of the object to the number of people in the family.

Looking for a suitable housing unit in MBR City, monitor the aggregator Emirates.Estate. The website provides detailed information of villas and houses appropriate for permanent stay and getting profit. The extensive collection of luxury objects for buying is represented to deliver the numerous advantages to potential owners. 

Comfortable Living Conditions

Dozens of IT industry professionals, millionaires, athletes and investors move to MBR City in Dubai for permanent residence. Here they pay less taxes and enjoy the festive and relaxed atmosphere created by people of different nationalities.

MBR City in Dubai is a particularly attractive destination for young people with an international profile because Dubai has a wide range of vacation opportunities and an international airport that connects almost every point in the world.

Real Estate Buyers Benefit From

Stable Demand on Rental Real Estate

Dubai attracts tourists, expats, and foreign investors. All of them need a place to live either temporarily or permanently. For this reason, rental housing is in high demand. Villas and houses in MBR City can bring up to 10% ROI per annum. 


The sector of real estate has made an incredible contribution into the capital of the UAE. Buying property in MBR City, you make this sector work for your capital as well. Low risks, comfortable taxation system, and reasonable real estate prices should force foreign buyers to make the right decision. 

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