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Who Reads My Blog And What Is Success?


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Who Reads My Blog And What Is Success?

Today I asked myself the question Who Reads My Blog? I’m supposed to be taking a break from blogging. I guess I’ve taken a break from social media and had a good few days resting but I have this urge to write and the urge won’t go away so here I am at 3.45 in the morning writing because I simply have to.


I’ve been thinking and asking myself who reads my blog? I’m really not sure. I have some people that I know read my blog regular because they comment regular and then some who tell me they read the blog and discuss topics I’ve raised. However, beyond that, I feel like I’m in a blind spot.

I can look at Google Analytics and see how many page views I get. I get lots, well enough to make me happy. Each month is just getting better and better view wise and I’m super pleased. However, I often ask myself, who are the people visiting the blog?

Google Analytics tells me what countries my views are coming from. I can see the age range and the demographics. I can even see the percentage of return user, the bounce rate and other key stats. However, sometimes I feel the personal is missing.

I don’t really need to know who is reading The Inspiration Edit, although it is lovely to engage with those who take the time to read the blog. It’s lovely to hear from people, to get feedback and to know when what I write is making a difference to someone’s life.  I’m not dependent on that but I do think it’s really important.

I really don’t have to have a comment or social media engagement to view my blog a success. As nice and great as they are, success is not always defined by who connects with you. Heck, success is not even based on page views. For different Bloggers, success is measured in different ways.

I think for me, my success is somewhat measured by page views, social media followings, Domain authority and ranking scores. Most importantly though it’s how the blog benefits me and my family.

The Inspiration Edit is therapeutic to me, it helps me to stay focused and gives me an outlet to share my thoughts. The blog is also a great opportunity, an opportunity to give my family experiences and we could not otherwise afford. It’s also a fantastic way to store family memories!

I think storing memories and photos online is a great idea to be honest. I love to share many images and photos on the blog but for me I also like to keep a backup or storage for future personal use. Just like me, busy moms can access their own Cloud Computer and share files through a hosted SharePoint provider such as Apps4Rent.

My husband researched the best cloud storage system for us and we actually use two different ones. It’s easy to store the hundred’s of photos I take for the blog and having great images really does help my blog to be more visually appealing and attractive. i’m grateful to have so many fabulous visitors to my blog and want to share the best content with you.

I’d love to learn more about my readers and those who visit my blog. I’d love to increase my social media engagement but most importantly I want to be successful in using this blog to help myself and help my family. I think that’s what true success is to me, writing how I feel and using this as a tool to benefit others along with my family.

That’s my thoughts at this crazy hour.

Angela x


  1. I am always awake at a crazy hour too! To me success is not based on page views but how it helps others. I think your blog is successful because your content is varied and it is real and honest x

  2. It’s a curious thought. We pour our hearts and thoughts into these blog posts. Who digests them? What do they think? Are they interested?
    It’s alright to be curious but I don’t think we should let these thoughts influence our content. Be faithful to yourself! You’ll be a lot happier 🙂

    1. Of course. I do to some extent need to write for my audience but as i write genuine things the correct audience will follow anyway.

  3. This is surely the question all bloggers would like an answer to, isn’t it? I agree with you: success means different things to different people. For some it might means a high number of readers for others it might be just a case of having a place where to write down their thoughts.

  4. I blog for the same reason. Sometimes it a bit of a brain dump, but mine is a diary of everything we have done and has given us experiences we would never have had otherwise

  5. I think every blogger, or even writer for that matter, has similar thoughts. I suppose we will never really know who is reading our work it is just a case that they are. They are as you say stats on a screen and the only way we ever know more about them is from the comments that are left either on the blog articles or through social media.

  6. I really need to on top of how my blog is performing in 2017 as I never pay attention to it. I feel this is my downfall as no matter how good your content you have to be able to market your blog also.

  7. This post hits home! Sometimes I really want to quit blogging thinking who reads my blog.. but then again, blogging is not just a number game for me anymore. Its my outlet to sanity. If i stop blogging.. I won’t know what to do with me life.

    1. I understand your feeling. I don’t ever want to quit but just know it benefits others. however if it was just for me alone, I’d still write.

  8. I feel like you need to get yourself tracking with a smart analytics system such as Adobe or Google Analytics(free) which should give you a rough idea of your readership demographic. I think it’s important to know that your family and friends and people who do comment and engage on social media are your #1 readers and therefore you should never forget them 🙂 Best of luck in 2017

    1. oh I have google. I mean a more personal knowledge such as engagement and chatting rather than just reading about stats age and demographics.

  9. I always think that! I’m still relatively new to the blogging world but I’d love to actually have a relationship with my readers.

  10. I feel you. I felt the same way six months into blogging. Google Analytics told me who were reading, but I wasn’t sure who I was REACHING. It took a while, but you’ll figure it out. Your work is amazing.

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