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Reading As A Child  My Love Of Children’s Books

Reading with kids is a fantastic thing to do. In fact reading children’s books for me is something I love more than reading adult books. Yep I said it. I think I have a deep love for children’s books.


I remember reading from a very young age. I remember my first reading book at school. It had the same word on every page…. the word was LOOK!  I had to read that word over and over and found it pretty boring. The thing is my mum had been reading with us since I could remember and we were reading the ladybird books way before we even went to school.

Eventually I read all the boring books and was able to go to the school library to choose my own stories. The books were boring and some I just didn’t enjoy. I loved the books at home and I loved going with my mum to the public library to find fun books to read.

As I got older I began reading younger books to my little brother. He loved it. One of our favourites to read together was each peach pear plumb. I still love it today and we have a copy for Sylvia.

I think I will always love kids books no matter what age my children are. Reading can be really fun and I guess it’s something that I’ve always loved. I’m blessed to have an amazing mum to encourage me and help me learn to read and am grateful for her educational influence. It really has helped me in my life.

Angela x

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