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Raining Cats And Dogs Homewares From Helen Russell

Over the past few months my husband and I have been decluttering the home and replacing old homewares with lovely new items. When we first married five years ago all our belongings were combined together and the Kitchen became cluttered and full of junk.

Organising the Kitchen this year has been such a therapeutic process and now I’ve removed all the clutter, I am slowly making the kitchen a true reflection of me and I’m collecting beautiful and useful items for my home which I love.

When I saw the Raining Cats and Dogs Homewares range by Helen Russell I instantly fell in love with it. I adore dogs and the illustrations created by Helen Russell along with the combination of colours instantly appealed to me.

I ordered two jugs for my home. Growing up my Mum used jugs for gravy, custard and sauces whenever  we sat at the table for a family meal and when we had guests.

I could picture us having our own set of Helen Russell jugs to use in our home and so I ordered the large 1 Pint Dog with a bone Jug.

The Dog with a bone jug is super cute. It has an illustration on both the front and the back of the Jug which is simple, stylish and appealing. I love it.

The Dog with a Bone, Helen Russell Jug is made from fine bone china. It is perfect for serving custard or other yummy sauces and could even be used for displaying flowers, storing kitchen utensils or paintbrushes.

The 1 Pint Jug came came in a beautiful gift box and had a postcard with a little story about the dog character on the Jug.

The second item I ordered was the Raining Cats and Dogs small Jug. This can hold 1/2 a pint of liquid and would be perfect for gravy when we have a Sunday Roast.

The large Jug is £20 and the smaller sized Jug costs £15. The Raining Cats and Dogs designs are part of a wider Toyland collection created by Helen Russell.

I love that the Jugs are both Dishwasher and Microwave safe and they really are perfect for our home. I’m super pleased with these Jugs and was excited to use them this weekend for the first time. They are adorable.

What do you think? I love them a lot and am very happy to share them here on The Inspiration Edit.

Angela x