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Rachel Riley, A Donkey and Adrenal Pump Rates

Last week we travelled down to London to see a private Doctor who specialises in Endocrinology. On Thursday I was set up on an Adrenal pump and Friday spent the day at the hospital having blood tests to enable me to adjust the rates for the delivery of medication from the pump. We stopped outside the clinic and I took pictures of Sylvia.


Sylvia and John then went to London Zoo. I didn’t want them to sit with me all day waiting for blood tests and so I sent them on an adventure.

rachel riley

After Lunch I popped into the Rachel Riley Designer store. It was literally around the corner from the hospital and I bought Sylvia a beautiful new Jumper. It was on sale and at a similar price to what I’d pay at a supermarket. Bargain!

rachel riley top

Sylvia has plenty of dresses but not so many cardigans or jumpers which fit and so this top was much needed.


When John and Sylvia returned they were eager to share with me the photos of their day out. I loved the pictures of the Donkey. I don’t know why it reminded me of Donkey from the movie Shrek and I just imagined a real talking Donkey. Unfortunately this Donkey didn’t talk but the photos were fantastic and I had to share them.


At the end of the day, I was sitting with Sylvia and John in a fancy clinic, drinking galaxy hot chocolate from the fancy coffee machines. My appointment was very expensive so one or two drinks was certainly deserved. We looked at the photos of the Donkey and other creatures as we waited for my appointment with my new specialist.


I saw my specialist and for the first time in my history of medical issues, I felt the Doctor really cared. It was not because I was private but because he genuinely wanted to help me get well and it felt genuine. It certainly appeared that way.

adrenal pump

My blood test results came back and my pump rates were adjusted. I adjusted them all by myself! I’m learning fast! I came away feeling so happy.

clinic waiting room

Sylvia couldn’t stop talking about the Donkey and the penguins and other animals she has seen that day.

me and sylvia

We stopped at Pret a Manger who happen to sell the most amazing soup and had our tea. We then caught a train back to our hotel and had a cheese platter as a late night snack.



Friday was a difficult day, I was tired but happy my daughter had a fun time. I’m glad I got to see John’s photography of amazing animals and glad my pump rates were changed to match my cortisol levels. The train journey was fun and it was a real adventure and new experience for all!

john and sylvia