How to Protect Your Kids Gadgets

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How to Protect Your Kids Gadgets

Nowadays, kids spend a lot of time attached to their tech. From tablets to computers, it seems like parents are fighting a losing battle against screens.

While it’s important to think of ways to reduce screen time and get them to be more active, we all know that kids can be clumsy, so it’s essential to protect their tech, too. After all, there are few parents who can afford to buy regular replacements when accidents happen.

To keep your kids happy and maintain a healthy bank balance, here are some cost-effective ways to protect their gadgets.

Strong Cases

If you have a young child, then you’ll know all too well how regularly they drop things. One of the easiest ways to protect a device when it’s dropped is by investing in a quality, strong case.

These are available at all price points but it’s a good idea to pay a little extra when safeguarding a valuable gadget. If you spend more, you’ll find phone cases with additional features, including phone cases that bounce, or tablet covers that are waterproof.

Add Mounts

Dropping is one of the most common ways gadgets are broken, so add a mount to help them keep a better grip. A cheap way to protect their tech, Popsockets sit on the back of a phone or tablet, providing an easy-grip handle. They’re also available in loads of different designs and colours, from llamas and pizza, to superhero and marble prints, so your kids will love them.

Screen Protectors

Many of us use screen protectors to prevent unsightly scratches and keep our tech looking brand new. But for kids, this has an even more important function: preventing a broken screen. As well as being costly to fix, this could result in your child being injured – something that any parent wants to avoid. As such, invest in a screen protector which could strengthen a screen and stop it from cracking.

Safety Features

As well as protecting the physical gadget, to really protect your kids, you need to install safety features. You can do this by adding passwords to prevent them from accessing websites or ordering items, adjusting the settings on their tablet or phone, and downloading apps designed especially for kids. You can read more safety tips here.

Protecting your children’s tech is important but making sure they’re safe online is vital. Follow these tips to lengthen the life of their gadgets and keep your kids protected, too.

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