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The top 5 promotional products for the new year – collaboration

When it comes down to following trends and knowing what’s on top, you can be sure that with regard to businesses worldwide, promotional products snag the top position for the most part. Ask yourself – why do so many businesses want to know what the next big thing with regard to promotional products is? For the simple reason that amongst many other factors, this is the main aspect that will bring in the most number of new customers if implemented in a smart and calculative manner

Promotional Products For The New Year

Be it the case of branded notebooks or anything else, the promotional product of your choice should definitely end up representing your brand rather than being tacked on as a trend. Gimmicks are not the way to go and will harm you in the long run, so staying away from them is paramount. With these promotional products, you will be able to remind your audience time and again of the value of your brand as well as enable them to use those products on a daily basis. Here are the top 5 promotional products of the new year as reported by Arcadia Corporate Merchandise:- 

Custom socks

Even though this may sound surprising, people actually enjoy socks as gifts. Not only are they extremely useful and can be gotten in a variety of colours, but they also fill a need. Most of all, they have a humorous side to them that makes people connect with the brand a lot easier.


This is in response to the growing movement against the use of disposable plastic bottles. With unusual shapes and textures, you can be sure that drinkware will continue to be a hit throughout the new year. With brands like Swell and Yeti, the popularity level remains high as enough people out there like getting these items as gifts and showing them off constantly.


This is one trend that has truly stood the test of time as no other product looks better and classier than genuine leather. Keeping the theme of natural reusable materials in mind, it is quite a pleasant surprise to know that leather actually ends up improving with age in every way.

Be it a gift for an exceptionally talented employee or a corporate gift for clients, leather is always a good option and that doesn’t look like it is going to change anytime soon.


Now this is arguable the most common and popular promotional item idea. Not only do reusable straws shift the pressure from plastic straw usage, but enough restaurants offer either a metal straw or no straw at all. This, in itself, is a great thing. For bringing awareness to an eco-friendly brand, you certainly can go wrong with green straws in the slightest.

Canvas Tote bags

Let’s face it – reusable tote bags are indeed the way forward in every sense of the word. These bags are extremely efficient on a portable and functional level, but with varying designs, they’re also visually appealing as well. Always remember – the higher the quality, the longer the customer will keep the bag.


So what is the real takeaway from all of this? Well, for starters, it would be worthwhile to note from the very beginning itself that gimmicks don’t work. Even though people already know this, it certainly needs to be said time and again. Once they lose their popularity, there is a danger of your brand coming down with them. After all, one must do whatever it takes to ensure that their promotional products deliver a return on their investment and are not remembered as a careless misfire that could have easily been averted.

Finally, the onus is on you to put your brand message out there in the best way possible by keeping the above products in mind. Do bear in mind that the probability of people remembering you after receiving your promotional product is almost 90%. And once they remember you, the likelihood of you doing business together is far higher.