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Most people put off the thought of throwing a party due to the massive faff and work it requires in the kitchen, prepping recipes, setting up tables, and things in that order. Parties are messy and need several hours of work before and after. However, over the years, I have realized that with a few tricks and shortcuts, throwing an elegant party is after all not as complex as I initially imagined it to be. Here are some professional tips to make catering easy for any party and some catering tips from industry experts.

Create a Practice Menu

Often caterers offer a wide variety of options that can confuse the guests and yourself. A cluttered menu can overwhelm the guests and you. Instead, go for a few items that are practical for the occasion. On the other hand, if you have tons on dishes on the menu not only will the guests struggle to choose, but you will have a hard time gathering the ingredients. Remember, shopping can take up much time even with few dishes, the more the dishes, the more rounds of the supermarket you will have to make, which will take away the precious time you require to get other things in order.

With fewer options, it becomes easier to choose and takes up less time. With a wide range of dishes, the dinner will arrive to the guests at a slower pace ruining the experience and all your hard work.

Having multiple dishes with common ingredients is wise as it will help you organize things easily. Ensure that the dish description is easy and straightforward to read so that people can go over them quickly.

Get the Menu and Environment Organized

You have scrumptious looking food on the table, but studies have shown that the experience of eating is as essential as the activity of actual eating. A poorly decorated environment and the menu can spoil even the tastiest of food you offer. Therefore, smartly organize the items on the menu.

Eating should be like a journey with new and exciting items presented most fashionably for the best experience. Consult your catering service provider; they have the knowledge and expertise to pull something like this. They are not there only to cook but to be your companion in organizing best catering party and menu possible.

Communicate Clearly with the Caterer

Again, the caterer is your companion, and you’re assistant to help organize the party. Communicate with them and ensure that you are on the same page. If you are having a party where the guests will come and go and the entire guests will not be present throughout the party, inform the caterer, so they can prepare in advance and supply less food. This will save you money. If the guest will be arriving in between a specific time say 5:00-6:00 PM, then, share this information with the caterer and get ideas to the best way forward. If the event is before dinner, then you can ask the caterer if it’s ok to skip on desserts. As the caterer has been a part of thousands of parties, they know if skipping dessert will be fine with the guests or not.

Save Money on Catering

If you are in a budget or want to cut cost on the catering service, there are certain things you can do yourself. Usually, the caterer will charge for all the equipment they bring as rent. This includes everything from serving equipment, food warmers, serving tools, to stereos. Renting the equipment will save you cost. However, it’s wise to ask the caterer if any extra charge is applicable to the equipment. If they do have a fee, inform them you have your own equipment. Handling the pickup and drop-off own your own can also save you money on catering service.

You can also save money by handling the buffet yourself and with the help of friends and family. Serving the food yourself will reduce the number of catering team members on site who usually charge $50-$400 per person, so you can save quite a bit of money serving the food yourself. Here are some tips on saving money on wedding caterers.

Choose an Experienced Caterer

Having an experienced caterer service the food for your guests has several advantages. They know the right portions, which reduces wastage and saves you money. Rest assured, the quality of the food and the set up will be exceptional as they have done it time and again. An experienced caterer is efficient and delivers everything to strict standards. With an experienced caterer, the strenuous task of organizing a party will be effortless.

We have shared with you the top professional tips to make catering easier and feasible for any party. By following these few simple tips, you not only ensure that the guests leave the event satisfied and delighted, but you also prevent any unnecessary expense on the party.

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