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Procrastination A Bloggers Worst Enemy


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Procrastination A Bloggers Worst Enemy


As a blogger one of the worst thing I could do is to procrastinate. Some people have recently commented, “you’re so lucky getting things for free”. The reality is everything I received has a price. Blogging is not an easy task. There is so much that has to be done each day and the truth of the matter is, what I put in, I get out.

So what’s involved when writing a daily blog post? Here are some of the things I have to do to continue building my blog and making it a success. Every day I have to write a new post. This does not come naturally to me. Sometimes I get writers block. It can be really hard, especially on the day’s I’m adrenally low. I struggle with concentration issues most days, however to combat this I try to write two posts on a better day so I don’t have to write a post when I feel really sick.

As well as trying to write brilliant content, I also have to keep on top of and continue to develop my website. This is not an easy task! There is so much to learn. There is no class that I can sit in. I am not told what to do. I have to research how to do everything from uploading a template to building  widgets, creating no follow links, adding plug-ins, scripting and the list goes on.

Another daily task that needs to be done is linking up my post to other bloggers. If I join a linky and add my post, it is then necessary for me to read other blogs and leave comments. This can take hours depending upon how many blogs I read. I need to read blogs to learn and to build meaningful relationships and friendships.

Then there is social media. I need to share my post on different social media platforms to put my post in front of as many viewers as possible. I have to take time to engage with followers and online friends. I can’t ignore people. Then there is dealing with brands and requests and trolls.

These are just some of the tasks that has to be done to create a good blog and build a following. Given the hard work that needs to be done the worst thing a blogger could do in my opinion is procrastinate.

A few years ago, I wrote my very own poem on the subject of procrastination. I thought I’d share it. So here goes,

I’ve always enjoyed writing poetry. This is one I  wrote and never forgot. The words stay constant in my mind. Being chronically unwell I really do find it hard to concentrate. My brain can feel like mush and I struggle to think and write. It can be easy to put things off and procrastinate. I just have to get on with it. If you want something in life you have to work hard for it.

I want to have a popular and successful blog which can inspire other’s and help people to overcome difficulties. I hope to raise awareness about my illnesses, Adrenal Insufficiency, Chronic fatigue and GHD. I hope my blog can help me to raise the funds I need to improve my health and my family’s quality of life.

I want to be the best mother I can be because my child matters!  I hope to share my teaching knowledge and experience as a parent because every child matters!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. I’d love to hear your thoughts.




  1. I sooo feel the same way. I don’t know if I would like to write everyday. It’s damn hard even once every few days. And reading everyone’s blogs and the social media. It’s like a third job sometimes for me. Full time job, than kids when I come home, they go to bed and than I work on my blog. But at least I enjoy it. Kudos to you. I really enjoyed your post 🙂

    1. Aww…thanks susan. It is hard work and it is clear that we get out what we put in. It’s not easy but I do still really enjoy blogging as well. Angela xx

  2. So much goes into blogging effectively, hey. And o yes, procastination is definitely a blogger’s nightmare; indeed, it’s the nightmare of anyone who wants to be productive. We all do well to remember that today is what we have and it’s in our best interest to do all we can do within it.

    All the very best as you work towards achieving your blogging goals. 🙂 #aNoviceMumCommentLuv

  3. Oh boy, this was timely. Last night I sat at the table with my laptop trying to think of what to write. I had spent some time trying to rearrange the blog (not sure what I’m doing there still) and had totally forgotten about the actual posting until last night at 10 pm!

    1. Lol…we all do it. I sometimes start one thing and then move onto another area of the internet and suddenly remember what I was supposed to be doing. It’s so easy to get distracted and then put off, the most important thing..writing the actual Blog post! Thanks for your comments Stacey. It is much appreciated. Angela x

  4. It’s so true that you get back what you put in, although it doesn’t always feel that way does it, sometimes you feel you are putting in all the effort in the world for little reward, but I guess we do it for love 🙂

    1. Yes your right..It doesn’t always feel that we are succeeding. I have had my doubts and moments where I think..what on earth am I doing lol. Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting. Angela

    2. So true. If we don’t enjoy blogging then that defeats the purpose of doing it. I really love what I do and as a newish blogger I too have days when my efforts re not justified but I know they will be in the future. Angela x

  5. There is so much work involved with a blog and it is very hard to explain that to someone who has never done one.
    I find that I put off things that I find emotionally challenging at some level. Those are the items that always drop to the bottom of the list so then I have to set a time and just get on with them. If it is really tough then looking at what the fear is, that prevents me just getting on with it, can help a lot.

    1. Thanks for this insightful comment Kirsten. Yes looking at the fear or root issues will certainly help to overcome and move past any post which we are procrastinating writing. 🙂 Angela x

  6. Oh I completely agree with you here! Yes getting stuff for free is wonderful and this week I have had more review requests than ever before – that said, having a blog is such hard work, let alone working full time and having a toddler! Running the linky literally takes the whole week! I generally get through the posts sometime on the weekend then it’s time to set up the next one. There are days when I wonder what the heck I have done but then I look at what I (and we) have done, this fantastic thing that I created, where bloggers who I look up to come and link up and it’s just incredible. It is worth every ounce of the hard work it takes and I just fit everything else around it hehe! Thanks for linking up with us at #TwinklyTuesday

    1. I completely agree with you there Lisa! It’s so time consuming and hard work and us mummy/daddy bloggers are amazing cos we are parenting and working our butts off! Thanks for the lovely comment. xx Angela

  7. I’m a big procrastinator, there are so many things I need to do to develop my blog and haven’t got round to yet. I’ve been meaning to redesign it since Christmas! I haven’t updated my About page since I started the blog, either. I really have to put more time into it – but where am I supposed to get this time from??? Maybe I’ll write a post about it…

    1. We don’t always have the time to do all we need to. I’ve been trying to update my “BLOGS I LOVE” page. You see the blogs I started off reading are not the one’s I’m Linking up with now and i’ve developed new favourites…so need to adjust it accordingly. Think I may need to look at this every 3-6 months. Two of the blogs I liked even went down completely- disapeared! Angela x

  8. I am so bad for putting things off, I think with blogging I just feel like I have so much to do at times it can be overwhelming and I do the little unimportant things instead of the big things, or I just switch off and watch tv! Even though I would rather be blogging! Lists help though.

  9. Writers block can be so hard, some days it is hard to feel creative. I loved this post, so nice to meet you, thanks for visiting my website too xx Love Mackenzie

  10. You are SO right. About every single word. You do put in what you get out and it is A LOT of work. My best friend and I began a blog together and thought that by dividing up the work we would do a better job and not become quite so overwhelmed. Finally, we decided it was time to put the brakes on a take a little hiatus and reevaluate. It can become completely mind boggling. I absolutely love your blog. Truly. It is so nice and easy to visit. I love the look and feel. I am rooting for you to become a huge success and make the money needed for your family.

    I am interested in the no-follow links. Do you have a post on this? How would a blogger like me do that? Why would I need too?

    I run into so many hiccups that I don’t know how to solve. Like today, I signed on to write and found that on another blog I read my IP address is blacklisted with the comment luv. I have no idea how to fix it. Blogging is a constant J-O-B.

    And the brain fog. I lived through it. It’s awful. Beginning the blog and forcing myself to write has helped. Flax oil- 1 TBSP a day helped tremendously (took 9 months) and a high dosage of Ashwagandha 2 times a day keeps me out of bed, along with all of the fresh veggy juices I can get my hands on.

    1. Thanks Jessie! Your comments brought tears to my eyes. It’s been so hard lately and I’ve really struggled since coming out of hospital. My hubby is burnt out, my daughter is struggling to cope with my illness and Yoda has been playing up. I’m trying to create a business plan and blog and do social media and balance this parenting with managing my health and fighting the public health system and it has been so overwhelming for all of us.

      Some say to drop it but if I did that we would end up relying upon public health and benefits forever. I’ll simply work a little at a time to make the blog the best I can with my limitations.

      It is fab to make wonderful blogger friends around the world. Once I feel a little better I will send you info about nofollow links. Thanks for visiting.

      Angela xx

  11. This is a great post – I’m the worst at this. If something doesn’t have a particular deadline to be posted, I just put it off and off… Thanks for linking up #snotallaboutyou

  12. I love that poem. I’m only about a month or so into blogging, and everything really does pile up on you. Linkies especially can be so time-consuming, but it’s so important to build links with other bloggers. But then I also need to work on my Facebook page and my Pinterest page and my Instagram, and wait, what the hell is Klout again. And oh bugger, I’d been meaning to finish that book I wanted to write a review of, and… WAIT, I HAVE CHILDREN?

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